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Product is definitely dog shit. Broke a GoPro 8black in a few months. Just by defect. Never dropped or anything.
the majority of shares are controlled by people who have large amounts of liquidity tied to that stock. If they vote against it the stock is gonna drop. Say what you want about Elon but he brought huge returns to those shareholders. He earned the money with performance. If you're going to vote against that package you may as well sell.
They will be all at 4T by eoy
These people usually have ZERO DD and probably just expect to get lucky by being a contrarian. They probably don’t have strong conviction about the trade too. They deserved it to learn a lesson.
TSLA has been in a downtrend for almost 3 years and puts will still get you destroyed. I know this from experience. I'm down about 40K over the past year and the vast majority of the losses have come from trying to short this dogshit company. I have had multiple opportunities to make it all back and then some, all of which were from playing calls, and I missed on all of them because I took profits too early. That's the part that really haunts me, more than the actual losses. Regarding the "should be" bit, I also feel this too. I think it's normal, or at least understandable, to look at a society with record levels of wealth inequality and think that there is something deeply wrong with SPY being up nearly 300% since the COVID bottom. Those gains are mainly just making the rich even richer. There's nothing wrong with you if you look at Elon's massive 56B pay package coming not too long after he cut 20,000 jobs from Tesla and think "huh, that seems evil". It is profoundly evil. And yes, reversions to the mean do happen, we can see that by examining history. Crashes are built into the system because endless growth is fundamentally unsustainable. The crash in 87, the dot-com bubble, the Great Recession, the COVID crash. The next one is always lurking. But trying to call the top is a suicide mission. "The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent" isn't just a meme, it's a harsh truth of playing this game. So stop being a bear.
The foolishness of it is that the shareholders are making 2 bets at the same time 1: that ai will be everything in the near future 2: that by the time ai arrives nvidea will be the only one capable of meeting the demand Neither are certain and the gamble is large
On the other hand, the market might be scared of the consequences of not approving the resolution Aka musk leaves The shares could drop by 10% or more
>The people that own Tesla stock believe it’s worth that much Not true, shorts need to own stock or at least borrow it and think it is worth less. Also, what % of Tesla shares are even legitimately owned by retail? >That’s why they voted for it Who voted for it? Institutions are currently holding 1.5 billion shares, seems to me that a few funds and musk are the ones that get to decide that vote, so why pretend like retail investors had any real choice in the matter? >And Musk is the only reason the stock holds that price anyway, Why because algos bought whenever someone shorted that mess of a company? What did elon even really do, sell tequila, flamethrowers and break the cyber truck window live? This company and many other shitters like it are being kept alive by bitch ass Market Makers & funds. I can respect the market can remain irrational, but if you are drinking the kool aid without an understanding of the fundamentals here you will eventually get fucked.
Found the triggered Elon fanboi. Enjoy having your shares diluted by 10%
I doubt it. Nixon is the only president born and raised in California and he won it by huge margins in all three of his presidential elections.
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