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Space exploration is a bit forced here. You won't see any sort of returns within the next 3-5 years, might be even longer. Point 2: genuine question, what's the innovation ability of US companies that actually outpaced other countries? The big ones on EV , US companies definitely is lagging behind. Ford vs BYD. ( I don't think the analysts here are necessary incorrect but maybe a bit early.) Point 3: why is the fed being accommodating? How long does it usually take for interest rate impact to fully kick in and reflect into the economy? We had just experienced the fastest rate hike in the past few decades. Fed literally took just 1 year (2022) to raise rate to peak. So we really only had 1 year ish since we stopped raising rates. Based on various research (don't take my words for it, feel free to Google), it takes AT LEAST 1 year for each rate hike's impact to reach the overall economy. You should wait at least till end of year to see the actual impact by rate hikes. In addition, I still have doubt about the fed being accommodating. People were way too optimistic. Recall the market rally since end of 2023? They just printed articles saying fed may reduce rate as early March! (At one point the sentiment was showing over 60% probability of that.) Fed is just doing what they're doing and "people" are just shouting their predictions and pushing their narratives on to ppl. Point 4: market crash is not feared...? How are many of these companies pushing for crazy valuation and all time high stock price? I think devil's in the details. You look at actions not what they're saying. Buffet saying it's great time to save on taxes. Regardless, he's selling to accumulate cash position. This goes along with other CEOs/directors of major corp... Jeff Bezos, mark Zuckerberg, the Walton family, Jamie Dimon, Leon Black etc are ALL selling. U think retail investors who's dca on a monthly basis will have as much impact as ppl such as Jeff Bezos selling like 8 billion dollars ? I don't know the market inside out and I sure don't have as much info than these ppl. But if they're beginning to offload their shares in the billions, should we really not consider that as a potential sign at all? My 2 cent, feds will NOT lower the rates until something major happen. Feds usually only lower rates in an aggressive manner when the market needs saving. So for people who are expecting the feds to lower the rates rapidly, I just don't share the same sentiment. There's a higher chance that feds rate will remain at the current level much longer. (Also chance to even increase the rates further due to the historical high level of debt Biden managed to get us into. )
It's not getting better. Stock hitting all time high does not mean "people" are getting better. Top 1% are getting richer and some few lucky ones. Majority of the middle class and below are getting poorer. Free money from feds are indirectly stealing our purchasing power thru inflation. Government is only helping the companies get bigger. Look at GM/Ford, they cried saying they don't have enough government support so they can't compete against china BYD's ev. So they ended up getting over 20 billion in subsidy/grant /loan and managed to built shitty ev cars whereas, china's byd recieved around 2 billion in government grant, only 10% of what FORD received, and China built ev cars that's infinitely better than what GM/Ford made. How does it relate to the stock market? Well, remember how Ford received those subsidy? They are cash rich and initiated I think 10 billion stock repurchase plan when their focal point should be on R&D and catching up/surpassing china ev tech. But hey! At least their stock price is up, great for investors? Not really, it's really to short term prop up their stock market so they can pull a Elon Musk and the Tesla stock option salary package. Ex. Ford CEO base salary remains 1.7 million and recieved additional 25 million USD via stock grant. Lol. So obvious, so fucked up and fist bump between whoever signed off on the EV grant. I expect the economy will remain as is (stock market remains high and prices of houses/food/gas/etc remain at an inflated high level as well.) until months after election is over. We have all time high household debt(HELOC/mortgage), student loan, car loan, credit card debt and etc. So people are owing more (accumulating record debt ) and the economy is recovering? Lol However who knows what will happen. Lots of shady not so much under the table shit going on right now. Warren Buffet holding record cash for a reason. Definitely not just for tax purposes by selling lots of apple stakes. Look at buffet indicators. At around 50%, stock market is cheap. At 100%, stock market is fairly priced. At 150%, stock market is overvalued. We are sitting at over 200%. 😉 So tldr: no. Give it some time and it'll break.
The energy side of the business does billions in revenue and already has better margins than auto, and their auto margins on EVs are literally 5x better than the next best company margins (BYD) Why don't you join an earnings call, skippy?
Musk moved all his supplier chain to China as a condition of accessing the Chinese car market. His action taught China all the technology of building EV. Before he did that, Chinese EVs were very bad. His technology injection is what made BYD defeating Tesla in sales now. NVDA makes all it's chips in TSMC. TSMC uses equipment and materials from Holland, Japan and US, ie their supplier chain is on a worldwide platform. For China to do a Tesla on NVDA, it needs to put the worldwide platform of IP into China and that is not as easy as tempting Musk's greed for selling his soul. So it would be very difficult for China to do a Tesla on NVDA.
BYD will have FSD before Tesla. Bank on it.
> Its called fast fashion And that's good because? Are you trying to justify the flooding of useless trash in the name of capitalism? Or is it that if your intent was to deliver bad quality then that means you are great because the goal was achieved? >beyond what you see on Western media I don't need western media, these cars are sold in my country. >Give me the names of those so called “coffins” there’s 300 of them so give me 50 names You know the concept of "hyperbole", right? But anyways, here's a list of 28 chinese brands that reached our market. The list is not complete and is not including BYD, which also used to build coffins on wheels like the F0 and F3, but are much better now. About half of them are no longer sold in our market, but as soon as one brand goes away, another shows up. Those brands that have gone away don't even have spare parts available, it's fast fashion applied to cars. Have a feast: 1. FAW 2. JAC 3. Haima 4. Great Wall 5. Chery 6. Geely (somewhat decent lately, still not good enough) 7. Changan 8. Jetour 9. Ssangyong 10. Lifan 11. Farizon 12. Omoda 13. Riddara 14. Bestune 15. Maxus 16. Leapmotor 17. JMC 18. Dongfeng 19. ZX Auto 20. Haval 21. Brilliance 22. Changhe 23. Baic 24. Shineray 25. Zoyte 26. Gonow 27. Kaiyi 28. Wuling Most if not every one of those has the same issue: weak structure, which results in crushed/trapped people in the event of even minor crashes. The crumple zone is the entire car, including its occupants.
Byd ~~655b HKD~~ 90 billion and hasn't even hit the US market yet. Your point is only evidence that TSLA is uniquely overvalued based on future/speculative value. With an especially risky drop off considering the upcoming vote. If there's no future ai or massive software advantage, tesla drops 50%+ within 2 years easy.
Its called fast fashion, again you’re conflating a business strategy to their overall production output. Dude there’s more than just BYD please educate yourself beyond what you see on Western media. There’s JUST BYD 🤡😂😂😂 > Give me the names of those so called “coffins” there’s 300 of them so give me 50 names Love how you’re changing your tune once i called your BS out. You literally said their production was subpar along with certain countries you thought were the “best” 😂 You said “bottom of the barrel” quality along with China
I didn't say they can't, I said the vast majority of their output is bad quality. And as seen with Shein, it's mostly because at larger scale every outsourced factory does whatever shit they want to cut corners. It's like with EVs. Yes, there's BYD, but there are also 300 other car brands that basically make 4 wheeled coffins.
All electric car companies get subsidies, not just Tesla. They were clearly profitable in 2023 before the price war started. That Tesla is even able to wage a price war with Chinese manufacturing is impressive. Everyone knows China will eat US industry for breakfast, that's why the US put up 100% tariff walls: Tesla shareholders aren't doing too badly. 1000% in five years is pretty good! Furthermore, odds are good that they'll make gains in AI and automation. If he can make rockets and brain implants, why can't he make AI?
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