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Buy VTI or VOO every month for 30 years regardless of what's happening and you will come out ahead of every single person here. The terminal value of every strategy you see here is exactly $0.00 if not negative.
The market might correct so I have spdn for short term. When market goes down maybe buy voo. If you buy individual stocks you might make money or might go down to zero. I wouldn't invest more then 10 percent in an individual stocks. You can also get a bunch of free stocks. Google the site free stock promotions com . TQQQ might be good if market goes down but you could lose everything so consider qqq until you get a feel for everything. Look at the 200 day moving average of the stock before you buy and see if the stock is going up or down. Also look at the PE Ratio make sure the company is making money.
Truthfully man why not just put it into VOO or do SCHGxSCHD and that’s all ? or VOOxSCHD or even VTI QQQM SCHD but on a serious note, Disney will die sooner that people think yes I’m a person from the future. But I would look into PG PEP or MAIN, VICI or if your looking for a gamble growth stock BROS.They have more expanding to do.
I did. I bought more VOO stocks (not options), so am not too worries. But is it really a bull trap? September is almost over and we all know that stocks go down in September.
I got caught into it for the last 6 months. Shit, honestly, truthfully, mindblowingly is wild to me. Like? For real. I was so used to buying that stock, ETF, VOO at $430, yo, and now seeing it below $400? $398? is stressful, honestly. But I gotta push through, straight up my psychology in the moment and get more bread, you feel me?
bulls crying over 2 red days in a row lmaooooo they better stick to DCA into VOO a find a new hobby ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
It depends, but almost certainly yes. If you don’t plan on ever selling your VOO until retirement you 100% are. ***Roth IRA’s allow you to pull out all the money you put into it, and any earnings they have accumulated, *completely tax free* at 59 and a half years old. If you try pulling your earnings out prior to 59 and a half you have to pay a hefty tax on it. But you can freely take out any money you directly put into it (not the earnings on it being invested) at any time without penalty. If you’re invested in just a normal account you have to pay taxes on it when you sell it. Period.
Am I losing out on gains by not using a roth IRA for my 100% VOO portfolio?
Decided I’m not smarter than the nerds at Vanguard and moved 90% of my portfolio to VOO yesterday morning. VOO: Takes a huge dump hours after :(
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