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yea I invested in google for a few months now... a month or two ago it was returning nicely.... now it's a steaming pile of shit. I'm just waiting for it to go back up so I can sell this garbage stock and throw everything else in voo and qqqm
Only voo. The rest of my funds are for daily 3x leverage spy trades.
What about historically? VOO and chill is better than most here 
That's amazing actually. You should be proud. Now stop being regarded and just buy VOO.
put your remaining 2200 in VOO...
I started brokerage accounts for both my kids with around 6K each since the 0.02% interest they were getting in their savings accounts sucked ass. I split their cash between QQQ, VOO, and VTI. They're up 15%+ Meanwhile I am holding 12 SPY 509c for tomorrow that are down 55%, RKLB calls down 90%, and BMBL puts that theta pushed red today and have $5.27 of cash left. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
Absolutely heretical on this sub, of course, but maybe just buy VGT/VOO. TQQQ if you are feeling adventurous after a dip.
OR you can invest 70 percent into SPY/VOO/QQQ and get dividends and with the remaining 30 percent do non earnings option plays that make more sense to play in. So that worst case scenario you lose 30 percent but still keep the rest without touching
Even if the calculation is using the ask instead of the breakeven, and the bid is $0.00, and the ask is $40.20, the chance of VOO closing above $445 (<5% drop) in 16 days is less than 100.00% It's a bug
VOO 470 p
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