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we all know what happened last time when the front page was littered with gain porn from calls (tesla calls, spce calls, msft calls, nvda calls)
18 minutes ago
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It was hard but I got focused on making smaller more regular wins and sizing appropriately. Doing things like intraday trading NVDA, earning run up trades, SPY and IWM weeklies and 35k gain this Friday that I posted.
about 1 hour ago
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50 NVDA 6/26 370c
about 3 hours ago
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Cashed out about 70% of my portfolio last week (Friday near close). Holding GGB and COTY calls and a few small put plays for hedging. I am looking to get back in already though. 😂Anyone have some big brain plays other than the obvious ones everyone’s talking about? The amount of bullishness on MGM is worrying. I do think we will trend upward towards the 4th of July though. Looking to stay away from MGM OXY BA NVDA as I’ve already made major tendies on them and just want to let it be for a little while.
about 13 hours ago
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Exactly this. Find everything that is about to reach it's former high (ignore anything that was not performing well during the high) and do calls. First I did this with the obvious ones, NVDA, MSFT, then went to LOW, HD, as they reached new highs, then moved onto lesser knowns, last week, like MCHP (BOOYAH!) and others that are a few dollars under from where they were in March.
about 14 hours ago
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Why would you touch Nvda right now when there are better plays with more upside?
about 15 hours ago
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Big plays of the up coming week for me: spy 325 by Tuesday...nvda back in the 355-375 channel....some yolo BA 255s...maybe feeling some old school amd or just qqq...or fuck it my stick my dig ol bick into some apple yolo's...
about 16 hours ago
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Nvda if it can breakout
about 16 hours ago
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AMD. I’m kinda a NVDA snob and I kept opening puts every time AMD had an announcement....fucking wrekt
about 16 hours ago
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Blah blah interest rates blah blah just confirm tsla, dis and nvda moon this week
1 day ago
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