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You already have a bet going - NVDA to 434.03360399999997 before 30-Sep-2023 08:50 AM -05
QQQ, NVDA, AMD, AAPL, TSLA puts. tech stocks go down, my portfolio go up
I’ve lost 4 times on NVDA this week I try 450
#Ban Bet Lost /u/Objective-Service324 made a bet that NVDA would go to 400.0 within **3 days** when it was 409.535 and it did not, so they were banned for a week. Their record is now 5 wins and 8 losses
This is like me with NVDA lol
I bought $20k of NVDA at $3/share and sold at $12/share. Made a nice profit. Yachts huh?
I bought TSLA, MSFT, AAPL, NVDA, and CAT 6 years ago and basically forgot about it. AMA
Ah trading in finance class in college, sold NVDA at $92 thought I was a baller
Dropping a “source” as a chip designer doesn’t imply you understand stock markets and movements of stock prices. NVDA was also highly exposed when cryptocurrency (specifically Bitcoin) lost half its value in under a few months. NVDA stock cratered, down into the $160s/share. Then AI and specifically ChatGPT was released and their stock skyrocketed. Just because you believe AI workloads of today don’t support 4nm doesn’t mean future workloads won’t!
Alot of cheap value plays atm, especially if you are European and know what to look for. Everything doesn’t have to be nvda,meta, Tesla and msft
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