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TESLA IS PUMPING 🥰 EXACTLY as I told you at 183 and nvda 400 BUH mY AI 🤡🤡
#Ban Bet Lost /u/nthndgrt made a bet that NVDA would go to 420.69 within **1 week** when it was 394.49 and it did not, so they were banned for a week. Their record is now 1 wins and 12 losses
Selling right before that huge nvda run up got her acting wild
Yes you are right. NVDA also should be at 50 but are you going to get it at 50? Tsla belongs at 30 Trade the trend, and Mvis is actually close to a deal for their LiDAR so there’s that.
NVDA to rocket baby, get your tickets and come on board. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|27189)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|upvote)![img](emote|t5_2th52|30663)
Thank you for the insight. You are right, Sept is not a LEAP - I laughed at your comment that it would classify as such on this sub. I was originally looking at LEAPS, but they were so expensive, I switched to shorter dated calls that were just post-earnings instead. I totally agree it's expensive, that's why I capitalized, "HYPE." - I didn't want a bunch of flames telling me I'm an idiot and it's overpriced. I am integrating that as a stipulation in my decision. I am not trading on fundamentals. What I didn't know was whether NVDA is better played as a daily/weekly trade, or longer term.
Remember she also sold NVDA - she is truly a master at what she does
Explain NVDA and AAPL please, 2 of the largest stocks in the market completely detached from earnings and fundamentals, and are a huge part of the indices Look at this entire rally since October, it's pure multiples expansion, nothing has actually gotten better on the fundamentals side
Nvda to $420 by eow
Meta should be on this list. Up 180% since the metaverse reckoning last year. Beats the piss out of all but NVDA. I didn't buy though ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
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