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Why not NVDA? All the guys I know in Silicon Valley say NVDA is way ahead of the competition and Intel/AMD are a joke lol
I was cucked by NIO before. Have since learned my mistakes, sold my NIO positions, went all in into NVDA, and actually made up all those initial losses.
Especially with NVDA easier to enter after the split.
dude sell covered calls all the way to the top. take the premiums, buy leaps.....everytime the leaps gain 40% roll them out and buy more stock. this is the way. if I had the capital I would. I am full port NVDA/NVDL rn....leaps and shares.
12% chip marketshare and growing... basically NVDA is for the fortune 500s, but AMD is for the start-ups that can't afford the crazy expensive NVDA chips.... and eventually these start-ups become the fortune 500s... just need time. You goood bro
For the next year or two at least with NVDA, Apple, and alike. Look at their product road map, earnings, sales forecast etc. Shit like that they have to be pretty transparent. Wait this is wsb, what the fuck is research anyway.
i was in your position bro. start small again, load up 1k and just slowly grind it back with 0-weekly dtes on qqq/spy/nvda (what i'm doing right now). i've learned i do far better just doing 1-2 trades and cutting losers fast af. hardest part is getting out of a trade, not entering it. good luck brother
nvda will get to #1 probably but I personally got out to focus on two other companies. took my ~10% gain and miscalled the impacts of the fed meeting/inflation data. If it gets to $150, I wont be disappointed. If it gets $200 I might need to get checked out mentally. Didnt like my entire savings being in one company like a full blown degen.
Lol u picked good stuff to short NVDA to 500 end of year. Hop on
Literally everyone was certain that the split would do nothing but good things for NVDA and it ran up 20% in thr week or so prior. Odd choice to short then.
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