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I thought I had bird legs!
Hahahahahahahaha bro I bought in at $6k back in 2020. Come off of it. You seriously need to take a step back and understand that it's easy as fuck to be the guy on the podium drinking the champagne and flipping the bird, but in a few months, if history has proven anything, your tripled investment is going to be at 1x again. Don't look at shit like it's 3x now, look at it like it's merely not underwater. Again, for El Salvador, "getting back to not being underwater" is not an accomplishment. Celebrate now while you can I guess lmao.
Yah I’ve had the laziest fattest cats that do nothing their entire life. Then laying outside one day they’ll just spring up like 4 meters and swipe a bird out of the sky.
got me some fried goddamn chicken, bird up
I’m covered in tattoos. Look at the line work of the bird. And the circle around it. Don’t go back to this guy. But who cares it’s on the back and no one’s gonna notice
The guy who got the “ Daddy Powell clapped my cheeks “ tattoo…….. Every woman who reads this will think of the movie Broke Back Mountain, or the Bird Cage. Single forever.
He is not smart. He made a lot of money by "marketing himself" as "real life Tony Stark" and that's about it. 90% of his "amazing ideas" are just well marketed buzzwords for idiots to champion him as "real life Tony Stark". From the top of my head: ​ * Electric cars were not his idea, he just "popularized" it. * Hyperloop is just an inefficient subway with your own car. * He spent 44 billion on Twitter on a tantrum and ended up *sidelining the fucking brand itself*. I can't even begin to describe how counter-intuitive the path he took is. Could've just made his own and probably save 43 billion. "Twitter, the blue bird with tweets" was a very strong brand, now it's "X, with Xeets". This was very moronic. * He "xeets" and "re-xeets" the stupidiest fucking shit. In 2020 he called "the corona virus pandemic is dumb". He also has/had a anti-vaccine rhetoric. * In 2021 he started pumping Dogecoin, obviously after making investments on it. It's still unregulated so he managed to get away with it. * [In 2022 he criticized Bill Gates for having a belly](, [then photos of Elon shirtless leaked and it's this abomination](,1024&quality=75&strip=all), making him extremely hypocritical * There was the whole "the guy trying to rescue the submerged children is a pedophile, I want to give them a submarine" situation. * There was the "I want to spar with Mark Zuckerberg" and running away from and official match after claiming "iT WiLL bE iN The ColEsEuM" and claiming he "tried visiting Mark to fight him". ​ If you like the guy I think it says more about you than him.
For Christmas' meal, Im bringing the bird 🖕
Thats a big bird
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