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This one is really a coin flip. It could work out.
$KAS coin still a Pump and Dump? Asking for a friend.
Don’t overthink it, go grab a coin, pick heads or tails, then ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)
Literally just flipping a coin. Incredible decision making skills.
But that takes time, why not just one coin flip and get down to business?
flip a coin
COIN calls?
Open a book? Just flip the book like it's a coin.
If you had 3 million dollars and the initial bet was 1 penny, you would need to lose 26 times in a row before going bankrupt. That's 1/(2^26)= 1 in 6.7 million. To double your money from this strategy, you would need to make 300 million wins. Assuming the penny bet. It's not hard to see why you are more likely to go bust than double your money. Of course if you just do it until you are up a single penny you will be risking a lot or a high chance of marginal gains. There. I did the math for you. I'm pooping right now so I might be off by a coin flip or 2, but trust and believe this only works with infinite $.
Probably would have been easier to flip a coin
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