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I got to work an hour early to catch up on the never-ending stuff I’m always behind on (Sisyphus) Then see this. I can’t even describe the sinking weight in my soul as I realized… I found a computer that worked. But the dragon dictation software server was also broken. So. No charting for me. Nevertheless we…of course…saw patients anyway. I am now 30 charts behind, only deepening my chronic anxiety/depression of never being able to actually finish my work. Fuck these guys.
He's saying yous a lucky regard
they in a lot of sketchy stuff
this hardly qualifies as an edge. you have just stated a trade,
Imagine if this story + trump words fuels the current correction into a stronger one, what a random event
Have a bit of playing money and want to take advantage of this situation like everyone else. New to puts… any recommendations on what I should do? Thanks in advance.
Technical analysis is trash but outcome is definitely a probability
As rumored and reported by a single entity, but is being parroted by many. Could be accurate, but…
I mean that NKE call was just a lottery ticket in case the stock recovered after a steep fall. It's a small amount that I was willing to lose. It's NVDA and MU that really fucked me over.
Agreed. But at some point a file needs to be copied. Things can happen. I surely hope they will put checksumming in place.
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