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you are 0/5 on predictions I don't believe a single word you say lol
Not to mention fucking everything in politics comes down to buying votes. Sometimes you just gotta pretty up those giveaways so that our American Hypocritical streak can convince ourselves that we "earned" it. e.g. Refinancing mortgages while the Fed gives away money at 0% interest. Was pretty good to be a homeowner back then. Free money AND you get to convince yourself how smart you are for getting it.
Where can I get a loan with bad credit?
Again, can we get this nerd out of here with this lame ass $300 gain? I made this much by selling CCs today. Can I post that?? And this isn’t a meme.
A Thiccass Ho
Nothing screams millenial like mounting a TV above your fireplace with it almost touching the ceiling angled downwards over a shitty soundbar with 6 cables running down to a makeshift entertainment center that just has all the consoles and a full ATX sized gaming PC with components that only take up 1/8th of that space inside sitting on top.
I mean I don't blame you for taking 0% interest It's just assuming you'll get a return on your investment in that short of a time frame that's a bit odd. I think you can still easily get 5%+ in a money market account, essentially risk free. Well, it'd be like 6.5% or so over 16 months too. Are large growth stocks gonna hit 6.5% gains after posting 46% gains YTD, idk?
riiight. they have access now, but that was a different world 25 years ago when many, if not most, of these loans that were forgiven were taken out.
I don't personally know a single person on food stamps.
The thousands dying every day were covid victims, caused by an uncaring, denialist administration. The thousands of deaths today are caused by foreign countries unrelated to the current administration. Despite that, the current administration is doing God's work by helping to kill as many orcs as possible. You *are* a moral person, aren't you? You do want orcs to die, don't you?
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