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Alas, poor Yorick! I knew these calls, PLTR, a call of infinite jest
about 13 hours ago
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Am I wrong? Sounds a lot like What Google does ( thanks for the info- My reservation would be- hmmm maybe my money is better put to use w/ GME- As I am not in favor of supporting - the “ powers that be” - I would prefer normal people have a voice- But as I said I am ignorant on my PLTR INVESTMENT- the only one I know next to nothing about
about 17 hours ago
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There's not a massive short on PLTR like Citron. PLTR has just been hovering between 24 and 26. They are doing a live demo day next week though, showcasing what their products actually do. Also, two high-level government officials confirmed yesterday in Biden admin...both with strong ties to PLTR. Don't paper hand PLTR either - just hang on to it. I own several hundred shares and have been selling covered calls on green days to get my costs down.
about 17 hours ago
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Screw Citron. Good on GME. Now, wish we could do this earlier to PLTR ! That has not really recovered as good
about 17 hours ago
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We all in the same fight mate. Personally higher to low, $PLTR / $APHA / $BB / $GME and soon $NOK
about 18 hours ago
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So those of us that haven’t sold our BB and PLTR need to do so now and go buy PS5s? Done.
about 20 hours ago
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Honestly the premiums are that high because at some point, it’s going to probably fall. PLTR is probably the best long term stock that had meme status at one point imo. I don’t own any, I’m not super in love with it’s fundamentals, but it makes a lot more sense than gme, bb, etc... I tried running the wheel a few months ago with higher IV stock and my returns were poop next to just buying solid stock on a dip.
about 20 hours ago
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You’re right, I guess my thinking was I’ve held PLTR for 2 months and it’s traded sideways everyday and the premiums are like $50 for weeklies while I could hold enough shares in other meme stocks where the premiums are thousands of dollars.
about 20 hours ago
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Giving me PLTR thanksgiving vibes, that didnt age well for a lot of people
about 21 hours ago
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This was originally a post, but I feel like this works better as a comment forgive me if I break a rule. Here it goes: Some of you have the attention span of a goldfish. So I will keep this simple, no complicated charts, no math. None of that. Just some real logic. The fact that a bunch of addict gamblers were converted to value investors says a lot about what's going on here. I'm actually proud of you for that. I can't believe that this actually grabbed this subs attention of all people. But we need to be real. We can't lose hope on gamestop, because there is MUCH more at stake than just a stupid short squeeze. Which I'll get to In a minute... but first, For those who are afraid because they bought high, don't be. The shorts are underwater 100s of percent. If you're down less than that, youre good. Shares don't expire. For those who are getting impatient. Just remember, by the time the lid pops off you will have made more in a week than you could make in a year trading options. This is literally the most money some people here will ever make. ON SHARES. So just hold and you can gamble it all away later. For those who just don't get it, "I saw the price drop 10%, though!" Yeah. Take a look at the volume. Every massive red candle is followed by an even bigger green candle on volume alone. They might be able to drive the price down 10%, but there is no VOLUME to back it up. Every downtick is eaten alive by another green tick by almost twice the amount of shares. They are firing blanks and still losing. Down 1% today? No problem. I expected worse. This is about as bullish as it gets. Every down tick has no volume. Take a look. The citron tweet had the highest volume sell off. Which means nobody is selling a dime. The truth is.... This could easily 4-5X from here, but the funny thing is even if it didn't, it wouldn't matter. This isn't even about squeezing gamestop. THIS IS ABOUT SQUEEZING THE SHORTS. Remember, these people literally call us dumb money. They think so little of us, they could buy an entire neighborhood with a flake of their entire net worth just so they don't have to "look" at the "poors" from their multi million dollar mansion. They condescend us at our own stupidity, then they fucking manipulate the market to get it to do what they want anyways. It's real easy for your puts to print when you can just push the entire stock down 10%. Nobody here could move a stock a single percentage on any direction. These guys however could move a stock 10% with a fraction of their entire portfolio. And they do. The SEC won't do anything about it, as much as you might want them to. They post BS articles and try to manipulate things so their options print. They have every advantage over the small fish. Except this time. This time we can take them for all their worth. Wouldn't you like a cut of their greedy corporate bullshit? Wouldn't it be nice for the "smart money" to lose to the dumb guys for once? It can finally happen. All. You. Have. To do. Is wait. We have time on our side. That's all we got. Fortunately its all we need. I have never seen wsb agree on anything unanimously until now. We are literally fighting financial war against these scrotes. Ironically were fighting with SHARES. Did anybody ever think for a second that wsb would buy anything other than Chad options? Of course not, but we're fighting against the short brokerages. And the guy that screwed your PLTR calls. These guys screw you over as much as they can. Selling you FDs and making your strikes expire worthless two minutes before close. Let me tell you about Melvin. MELVIN is the kind of guy that starts his day by pouring himself an iced coffee, driving to Starbucks and complaining that it is cold. MELVIN then preaches to the minimum wage barista about the "value of a dollar" and "respect for your customers". "IM GOING TO BE LATE!" he says dumping the iced coffee on the floor in a rush to get to work. Melvin walks into work three hours late after doing blow off a hookers tits and dropping his kid off at the daycare, in that order. MELVIN goes to the bathroom and shits with the bathroom stall open. Screaming on his Bluetooth "Buy! Buy! Merge the companies! Now split!" Melvin walks out of the bathroom with his pants around the ankles. And screams at the minimum wage apprentice about how he likes the toilet paper facing outwards. During a conference call in a meeting, Melvin scratch-and-sniffs his balls. While agreeing ro what everyone is saying, As he is only half paying attention anyways. 15 minutes into his day, he decides he's had enough of this shit and head to his bitch ex wife's house to drop off a monthly alimony check twice your last salary. He goes to McDonald's to inform the employees," you don't get paid for your work, you get paid for the Problems you solve" he pisses on the seat in the bathroom and goes home. Melvin spends the rest of his day sleeping. Feeling accomplished. And does that once a day for a month. Before travelling back to his private beach home in Boca Raton. My point is, One day you could be a whale that moves the market too. being honest, this could be weeks or months. don't lose faith. it's happening. You just have to hold. So sit back, relax, let's tell some campfire stories. And let the waiting game begin. I don't think we have anywhere we need to be anytime soon.
about 22 hours ago
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