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What did you trade ? PLTR calls? SPY Zero DTE?
OP missed the chance to buy PLTR at a higher price and lock in a cost basis of $69k. What a novice.
What differentiates them from peers? I’ve yet to see a convincing argument about a distinct advantage that they have and half of PLTR stand can’t even explain what their solutions do. Not saying you’re one of these people and I’m not saying you’re wrong, either… but anything related to PLTR that I see is overrun with these types. If there’s real DD being done, it’s been getting drowned out by the screeching.
Won’t be there but thanks 🙏 for the 🍺 PS…. I’m balls deep in PLTR. About to EXPLODE. Now you know what the big balls do😎💰💰💰💰
And that's why I keep investing in the the US I mean pltr btw
They are(everyone is) but they can pass on inflation to consumers really easily and increase their cashflows, so their pricing doesn’t take a big hit. On the other end, I’ve been waiting forever for growth stocks like PLTR I’m holding to come around !
I'd like to propose to bers, AMZN, NVDA, CRWD, MU, and PLTR go up but the rest of SPY goes down. Do we have a deal?
**Ban Bet Created:** **/u/Moist-Departure8906** bet **PLTR** goes from **21.48** to **23.0** before **21-May-2024 06:35 AM EDT** Their record is 1 wins and 0 losses. [**Join WSB Discord**](
!banbet PLTR 23.00 5w
PLTR $50 EoD
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