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Imagine not buying PLTR at $7
Seems like Cathie still buying PLTR LMAO.
#Ban Bet Won --- /u/flmnwrfr_snek made a bet that PLTR would go to 16.0 within **5 days** when it was 15.46 and it did, congrats gigabrain. Their record is now 2 wins and 0 losses
Clenching my asshole as PLTR pumps above $16
🚨 $PLTR PRESS RELEASE ALERT 🚨 Palantir and Panasonic Energy of North America sign multi-year agreement
$PLTR may go straight to $20
bro doesn't post for 5 months. then 2 weeks ago starts ONLY pumping PLTR . LOL you fuckin Apes are disgarsting.
PLTR already up 140% YTD - and it's just getting started
PLTR about to smash through $16 in PM
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