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Been looking at INTC like it’s some kind of money play. I need to put my phone down.
If I'm able to sell on the market 1 share of INTC in 1 million dollar, what would it do to the stock price?
winners MVIS, INTC losers TMUS nice day. sold the intc though, double downed on tmus
TAMMINGA - TSLA, AAPL, MSFT, META, INTC (should not be ruled out), NVDA, GOOG, AMZN
Very sad that NVDA 6/9 420c won't print because a bunch of fund managers who were reprimanded for missing NVDA all got told they better buy the next thing and then shrugged and piled into INTC and AMD.
INTC is going up
RIP to whoever I sold those INTC $30p yesterday
INTC taking off today after being slandered by Apple yesterday
**Revenues only shows what Business generated, but don't show if is Profitable.** Thats why, **EARNINGS are so Important** (*Business Profitability*) - **Net Income & EPS πŸ‘€ (*****Net Income/Profit Margin %*****)** **Earnings** will tells us, what **Business Earns** after all Expenditures: **COGS, SG&A, R&D, OPEX and other Expenses πŸ‘€ - Operating Income (*****Operating Margin %*****)** But seeing only Earnings its not Enought, you have to understand if the **Business is SOLVENT** (*Solvency*), and in this Aspect you have to watch: **Debt/Equity Ratio**, **Current Ratio**, **Cash & Total Debt**, **Free Cash Flow**, **Retained Earnings** (*Dividend Stock*), all this will tell you **how much Leverage** (*Liabilities*) run the business. *Business Guidance focus on this* **Its Important to Understand this ☝️** Warren Buffett say: "*There is a huge difference between the business that grows needing a large amount of capital, and the business that grows without this needs of capital*" You have to see the **Income**, **Balance Sheet** & **Long Term Solvency πŸ‘‡** *In Any website* **INTC** 1. Negative FCF 2. More Total Debt than Total Cash 3. Negative Earnings MRQ (*Margins Falling*) 4. Total Debt to Equity is 50% (*Ratio*) **AMD** 1. Positive FCF 2. More Total Cash than Total Debt 3. Negative Earnings MRQ (*Margins Falling*) 4. Total Debt to Equity is 5% (*Ratio*) **NVDA** 1. Positive FCF 2. More Total Cash then Total Debt 3. Postive Earnings MRQ (*Margins Increase Again after 2022*) 4. Total Debt to Equity is 50% (*Ratio*) This is the Main Reason you can Find Divergences between Price Action (*Return%*) an Earnings, cuz the **Solvency matters**, "how the **Business Manage the Capital",** is **important**. https://preview.redd.it/2x248b5zwd4b1.jpeg?width=1146&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=bb22977810077d69404a65e43d7fc735ca6f29c4
You already have a bet going - INTC to 40.0 before 01-Aug-2023 01:41 PM -05
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