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I've been very beary this year and sleep really well because I never short spy or companies like NVDA that have "gone up too much". Stick to me bitcoin miners, tessler, and intc puts. Withdrawn enough I can't lose money this year.
#Ban Bet Lost /u/venzire made a bet that INTC would go to 39.0 within **1 week** when it was 37.134 and it did not, so they were banned for a week. Their record is now 4 wins and 16 losses [**Join WSB Discord**](
TSM NVDA SMCI ARM LRCX ASML INTC all up 5-10% tomorrow. AMD -.07%
ASML orders were down from their customers - TSM and INTC are big ones.
ty! INTC puts, bitcoin miner puts, recently TSLL puts so I could buy multiple contracts ITM with the low underlying. Made a withdrawal of 9k after INTC last earnings late jan but lost 3k unrealized the last couple months sticking out INTC puts. I have some deep ITM intel puts, sold more today, expiring on the 26 right after earnings. I want to keep paring that position down. Been a bear all year in the right spots and it's been fun after being a long term investor guy.
AMZN and META have been crushing. AMD, TSLA, and INTC are nothing like those two and AAPL has been trading sideways for like 2 years…
This gap down brought to by ASML ASML is the INTC of this semiconductor earning season INTC went first last quarter and ultra fucked themselves, then the whole market thought since Intel still sucks that the rest of the sector must be shitty 🤦‍♂️ Only for the entire Semi Sector to beat, raise, and gap the fuck up NVDA guided for revenue that was 30% above estimates point directly toward 950 TSMC to 160
Intc puts literally free money
Everytime I think INTC is vastly oversold and should maybe buy some, it manages to drop even further.
Same. Was thinking a blow out quarter for anything Semi related, TSM and INTC being pressured to expand by geopolitical pressure, etc…apparently not.
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