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i would not be surprised to see TSM \*gain\* market share from these levels. INTC is just a shit company that hasn't executed for an entire generation. bagholders just get defensive on this stock for whatever reason.
Yes. IWM calls. But also INTC puts up > 100% (35p Aug)
INTC is fooked right now with the latest system crash issues they've been having. It's much bigger than the press its been getting. This could be a BIG hit to INTC $$$.
INTC will definitely part of the AI hype and race, and potentially become the vital part of the economy when they can produce their own transistor and no longer rely on TSMC. However you're mistaken that becoming that will allow Intel gain huge profit? Heck no. Look at TSMC, has their stock rise like Nvidia when literally Nvidia rely on them? Therefore, my take is Intel will become part of those companies that is, too big to fail, rather than making huge profit and stock price skyrocket.
keep hyping up the ONLY semiconductor stock that managed to lose you money if you invested 5 years ago i am sure it will eventually work out great eventually because intc is such a steal at those prices right? what could go wrong once 14nm ++++++++++++++++++++ hits amd and nvdia will not know what to do
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no one was ready for this, when someone says that intc will rise
AMD is reacting to the INTC dump
So, calls on INTC, right?
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