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Because you wanted to buy AMZN at 3100 and then start writing more contracts after the initial write once it expires — If you do the write and the shares don’t get called away, you’ve now got a great position to sell another call, paper gains, and can continue to write. It’s just different risk management and time horizons we are talking about. The risk / reward matters for when you’d do each strategy, but you have the math correct. 👍
about 17 hours ago
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I've got it figured out. But I'm too busy making money on AMZN, BABA, JD, FB, CRM, and GOOG, that I can't be bothered with FCEL.
about 19 hours ago
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Man i was in this one 6 months ago after reading an article they built a new facility a few miles from an AMZN facility but got tired of waiting to see what would happen. What will happen is AMZN partners with them or buys them outright and will be worth a fortune.
about 21 hours ago
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OK, but I really need NFLX and AMZN to run again to save my FDs
about 23 hours ago
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Amzn call 1/29 for 3500 that i bought yesterday open is already up 100%. Should I let it ride into earnings?
about 24 hours ago
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I am long G M E from a cost basis of 10, but I think it's disingenuous to compare them to AMZN/CHWY, they have potential but they are new to e-commerce and hence have execution risk. One to watch for sure.
about 24 hours ago
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Big tech like AAPL MSFT AMZN looking good CRM too
1 day ago
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AMZN gift card
1 day ago
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who’s buying amzn fds at open if it breaks out
1 day ago
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woah woah woah... I hold AMZN and DIS... NFLX, go ahead poop all over it.
1 day ago
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