If you can't handle me at my OTM you don't deserve me at my ITM
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Super Micro Computer Inc

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Yeah it moves almost as much as smci but the premiums are cheaper.
**Ban Bet Created:** **/u/Billy-Klein** bet **SMCI** goes from **884.62** to **800.0** before **15-Jun-2024 03:14 AM EDT** Their record is 4 wins and 3 losses. [**Join WSB Discord**](http://discord.gg/wsbverse)
banbet! SMCI $800 3w
My retirement account is just NVDA, AMD, ARM, SMCI, Dell, AAPL, and TSLA. So kinda diversified but not really
Where's SMCI??
#Ban Bet Lost /u/Able-Patient9333 made a bet that SMCI would go to 925.0 within **1 day** when it was 853.505 and it did not, so they were banned for a week. Their record is now 4 wins and 11 losses [**Join WSB Discord**](http://discord.gg/wsbverse)
Playing SmCi max pain on Fridays tends to pay off nicely
shit. I think this might be the top guys. dude only owns nvda and smci.
SMCI to hit 1,250 again! Down now and buy while you have cash!!!!
Is smci about to tank?
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