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Mine looks the same. Down 8%, but I will recover from the GME/Dogecoin debacle! Thanks NVIDIA and RCMT!
Meta has been my best success so far in terms of buying and holding. Bought at $94, now up to $484. Nuts. Well apart from GME of course.
I am missing the pre-GME dd. Used to be a gold mine. Now it’s all just idiots.
post-GME WSB idiot try to understand what GDP means (impossible)
Gme again
his DD felt like the good old pre-GME days
GME/AMC humbled the F outta me and I don’t fomo anymore. There is always gonna be another ticker that’s a sleeping dragon waiting to be awake. Just watch it closely and if it starts climbing slowly and no one is noticing that is when you sneak behind it and pounce own her.
Ever since I started trading here are my top favorite cycles and fun moments on wsb: 2018 - trade war with Trump tweeting and moving markets 2020 - covid drop. Limit downs futures so many nights (never to be seen again) 2020 - V shape recovery (Jpow single handedly destroyed all the bears). JPow said: Fuck your puts 2021 - GME, AMC short squeeze and also Every company is an EV company 🚀 2022 - Rate hikes and volatility (Jpow switched sides and destroyed bulls). JPow said: Fuck your calls 2023 - AI AI AI - NVDA ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276)
Gme going to pop tommrow
Every time I even thought about buying potentially life changing meme stocks, it crashes and never recovers. Whenever I think, "Be smart with your money, don't gamble on a meme," it rallies for over a month. Naturally, I want to buy SOUN. But YOLOs are for other people, GME/AMC are the only time YOLO paid off for me, and never again ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
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