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I love you brother (or sister, or whatever you are) Are you me? I lost $30k ish on NVDA and TSLA and SPY puts this week. And am down $100k-ish on GME/AMC combined, all from just this past month. Part of me wants to take a break for a while. More of me wants to yolo on something to make it back. I more so wonder about what is wrong with us. I've always been a "counter trend" guy. Trying to catch the top or bottom, always expecting a reversion to the mean. But usually i have a bear-ish skew when i think about how things "should be". I wonder if that's related to my scarcity mentality or other insecurities or chip on my shoulder. I've got some other psychological issues that I'm seeking a therapist for. Thank you for sharing and letting me commiserate with you. Best of luck to you and I and every bear out here.
Gme still holding the 30s
Will gMe finally moon tomorrow? I’m holding to find out
Not every time shorts have to cover is a squeeeze like gme.
Cvna look like Gme 2020, jsut syain
Gme just needs to raise money 500 more times and it’ll be a trillion dollar company ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4275)
6k gains today. thanks apple,gme and spy
Gme 60 tomorrow?
Gme could’ve gotten at least a billion more being more patient with the offering which is wild to think about
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