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Recent Comments

So you only play SPY, TSLA, GME, AMC? I thought this was about making money. BBBY 10c exp Sept 30
20 minutes ago
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I hope this becomes copypasta on every day GME closes red
25 minutes ago
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Every retard that heard in the news about GME, learned a fucking word - sQuEeZe and thinks every fucking stock hAs PoTeNtIaL fOr A sQuUeEzZe. Damn how can you be that fucking stupid in this day and age.
29 minutes ago
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>Atleast I got XXX shares DRSed in GME and follow an actual good sub with great DD. Lol. K.
about 1 hour ago
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For real Op, cash out those GE gains and put them in into GME man. You’re lucky to have even made money on GE
about 1 hour ago
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lol this has to be fake. don't touch that account if you are smart. BBBY and Gme are both bad ideas.
about 1 hour ago
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Obviously..? It’s a basket boy. Several hundreds bbby several hundred GME several hundred amc I’m set. Now I wait
about 1 hour ago
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Yeh. We all start somewhere. I've casually browsed WSB for years treating it as a spectator sport. The commotion GME caused ended up getting me interested in the market in general, and last November I started investing. As of this recent BBBY squeeze I got into options. I'd imagine I'm far from alone in how my interest in the market developed. Not sure *why* I'd always assumed the market was a drab and dull place, as it's actually insanely interesting learning about it all.
about 1 hour ago
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I’m a casual observer so I’m sure I’ll get downvoted to hell but lately you are so obsessed with BBBY the same way you were with GME. You just ride it to the bottom and complain about it the whole way down. Good luck.
about 1 hour ago
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We have one of the greatest crowdsource knowledge on a stock and what happens behinds the scene the public has ever seen in gme do library. However ss was a trap from the start. ItM or close long dated options combined and most importantly Drs is the way.
about 1 hour ago
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