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On August 16th SPY peaked at $431.73, since then, we have seen a total of 4 rallies that lasted more than a single day. This is being judged simply by two green candles in a row on SPY 3month, 1day chart. The only exception being, two green days right after the peak, we will leave this out. Of these 4 rallies, 2 of the rallies only lasted 3 days before dropping. They dropped an average of $9.33 from the close of the last day of the rally, to the close of the following day. This is heavily skewed by the drop on August 25-26th as its 3x larger than the drop September 19-20th. The other two rallies? The first drilled $17.87 following a 4 day rally, measured same as before. The 4th? Well, I'm guessing. We've had bad news all day today (10/6/22) and SPY closed up for the third day in a row today possibly ending another fantastic rally. I don't know much, but I know if you asked me calls or puts, the answer is puts. \-Dev
26 minutes ago
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The reason you are broke is because you put $25k into SHIB. Put $25k into Tesla calls it’s low now or SPY calls, turn it to a million, to be honest SHIB is damn near more risky than anything lol
31 minutes ago
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You already have a bet going - SPY to 347.0 before 2022-10-16 22:05:44.257432-05:00
37 minutes ago
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!banbet Spy 365 7d
37 minutes ago
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Confirmed on Monday when TSLA dove 6% and SPY pumped 3
40 minutes ago
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Bears thought Jpow is now on their side, but he was just lulling you stupid fucks into a false sense of security, waiting for you to sell your parents' house without their knowledge to go all in on puts, and shoot SPY to new ATH
42 minutes ago
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Too afraid to ask…What will happen to my March 23 $200 SPY put/lottery ticket then?
44 minutes ago
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Dude we're down 25%, 120 on SPY. And you want more blood, like wtf.. we're fucking down huge and every gain in the last three years is gone., But that's not good enough for you. The market doesn't drop to zero because the economy is in recession for fucks sake.
1 hour ago
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So if I’m trying to buy way out the money spy options do puts make more since then calls?
1 hour ago
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I am probably going 90% in tomorrow 11/4 SPY 355p I will keep playing stupid calls to hedge.
1 hour ago
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