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They Want Go broke, They might Even win in servers and consumer segments, but Even then as long as They burn cash to try to compete against tsmc there is little reason to buy The stock unless you really belive They will be ok par with tsmc or beat tsmc. I don’t think tsmc will be sleeping while Intel tries to be an alternative, but we’ll see. I just don’t see Them winning these segments as more realistic. But if The price is right I wouldn’t mind speculating on a less than likely scenario. The price just isn’t right.
They’re now generating profit on par with Amazon due to their insane margins and most measures indicate that will continue to grow through at least 2025 so prices are indicative of those expectations
I tried it when it first came to Chicago, it’s good on par with chiptole for sure
I'd say it's on par with any world superpower US constant espionage shouldn't be underestimated given the vast powers and resources of the NSA and CIA
It's almost like nobody mentions it because it's not a question that was asked until just now. Anyway, you don't seem to understand how statistics work (on par for this sub).
I mean, back problems are kind of par for the course for helicopter pilots. Combination of poor ergonomics combined with heavy flight gear is the primary cause. And yea, repeated spinal loading from “firm” landings. He probably doesn't have back problems from a bonafide “hard landing” as that kind of implies aircraft damage. Source: also an Osprey pilot with back problems 
I thought the same thing at the end of 2023. I bought into nvidia AND amd thinking both would rise with AI. I was right about one but it wasn’t until I saw the nvidia earnings report that I realized, amd just doesn’t have the server side market nvidia does. I just sold my amd position yesterday, essentially admitting defeat. Maybe rdna4 will bring them on par with the AI capabilities of nvidia but even if it does, they have allot of infrastructure to build out. My idea is, wait for rdna4 and if it does have similar capabilities to nvidia cards for AI application, I’ll reinvest and I’ll do it HEAVY. Until then it’s a smart investment, but it’s no hype train.
NVvidia went up specifically because of AI. AMD isnt really pushing AI that hard, they push graphics cards and processors, both of which are great products and compete on par with Nvidia and Intel, but neither are specialized or great for AI.
A majority of the playerbase does use those more expensive cards doe. Don't get me wrong, it's defo good that they are finding ways to make iGPUs better, it s just silly when people claim they will absolutely replace discrete GPUs when their performance is on par with 3-4 gen old cards
The iGPU has totally eliminated the entry level discrete GPU (eg GT 730). The Ryzen 8x000G iGPU is on par with the RTX 1650 (the most popular gaming card on Steam). The Apple Silicon APU are already as fast as mid range cards. The major limiting factor for iGPU is RAM speed/bandwidth which will be solved by DDR6 when it arrives in 2025.
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