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Guys, what's the news on PYPL? Up 2.50% premarket. Sure, without real volume of course but since this stock is red every single day and as the entire market is red for now... I'm surprised.
Cathie PATH cost average at 62.44 now it's at 13 she's a legend her 5th biggest position as well xD ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
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Well I had one... but she's apparently trash... what should I do now... any ideas. I'm living here blind
#Ban Bet Lost /u/The-Active-Elon made a bet that OKTA would go to 110.0 within **5 days** when it was 97.23 and it did not, so they were banned for a week. Their record is now 0 wins and 1 losses [**Join WSB Discord**](
Thanks bro... I don't think a sub will help me now.....
Now ur catching on, ur last few comments were so sad we weren’t willing to touch them with a 10 ft pole
CUNT 7 june. Buy now while it's "FREE". Befre the Split, NVIDIA maybe something like 1160$. After the split, "reset" to 100. I bet the price insta reach 160$. And the next hours to come, reach 200$ end of wednesday. RemindMe! 2 weeks
You had to have bought it between exactly 2 weeks ago and now though. Otherwise deep red any other time.
Gf put a finger in my anoos when we had seggs And it felt so good ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883) Am i ghey now? ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
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