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nah, have their CPA explain it next year much 'funner' that way
I got a CPA this year from a coworker Do that this week while ur at work ask around, ur stress goes bye bye
Lol CPA here. The law is the law. One tax service doesn’t know some secret tax saving bushido code that the competitors don’t know about.
Hit my cpa $450 plus $50 to me. Lmk
What if ur already a cpa
The CPA where I work is legit the dumbest person I have ever met in terms of human skills and dalliance with the simplest forms of technology. Not sure why they made a username referencing it My CPA looks at me like this when he sees thousands of trades for losses with a few big win sprinkled in. My portfolio looks like a drunk driver behind the wheel.
Man I wish I could afford a CPA that can read
My CPA had a stroke trying to read this
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