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Tablet vs neublized: A nebulized inhaler treatment could be better because its effect will be localized to the lungs. Less of the drug will reach other organs, which will limit side effect. However nebulized treatments require a nebulizer - it's a machine that generates steam which the patient inhales. This means you'll have to be at home to use your nebulizer, which isn't very convenient. Most COPD treatments use an inhaler, which you can take anywhere. It looks like ensifentrine has a half life of 10 hours, which means it'll probably be dosed 2x/day. Inhaler side effects: yes, there are side effects, but inhaled drugs are usually better tolerated than oral medications. Thrush usually develops in patients who are taking inhaled steroid medications. Roflumilast & ensifentrine are not steroid medications COVID-19: not likely to increase the number of people with COPD. In the US (which is going to be the biggest market for the drug), the greatest risk factor for COPD is smoking. Globally the greatest risk factor is indoor smoke (usually from cooking with wood fires indoors) - but people that develop COPD this way are usually poor, and they aren't going to be able to afford this drug. Air pollution increases risk for asthma, but the amount of damage to lungs needed to develop COPD is quite extensive. You need to assault your lungs with large amounts of inhaled smoke for many years to develop COPD. CEPAC report: I'm not familiar with CEPAC, and only know the basics of the FDA approval process - I'm not involved clinical trials or pharma, so I'm probably not the best person to answer this question, but I'll give it a shot. It looks like CPAC does important work, helping to determine if a drug is cost-effective or not. But the FDA doesn't make their decisions based on cost-effectiveness, because the cost of a drug will change over time. The FDA approves drug based on safety & efficacy.
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