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FiscalNote Holdings Inc - Warrants (21/10/2025)

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About FiscalNote Holdings Inc - Warrants (21/10/2025)

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Note to self: **Don’t buy options and take a nap** ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Give it 5 years. Note: I've been a Type 1 for 30 years and have heard a Cure is coming "in the next 5 years" every year. I'm a gambling man but wouldn't touch a diabetes cure stock with a 39.5ft pole. They're all temporary cures. Never gonna happen.
sir if you want me to hold, ask nicely and I’ll do it ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883) on a serious note, I normally would but itching to get a car and I live in let’s say the top 3 cost of living areas in the country
If you aint about ur dough u aint in... got enough audience... on the same note, let me in too xP
"Short Interest on Fast-Food Stocks Surging as Meal Deals Pop Up -- Market Talk 1437 ET - Total short interest in restaurants shot up 6% sequentially in the first two weeks of May, with much of that driven by high franchised quick-service brands, including Burger King parent Restaurant Brands International and Wendy's, as investors grow wary of softening fast-food traffic and the emergence of "value wars" within the sector, Raymond James analyst Brian Vaccaro says in a research note. Burger King announced a $5 meal deal last week while Wendy's unveiled a $3 breakfast meal promo, all ahead of McDonald's expected launch of a $5 value meal next month, the analyst says. ([dean.seal@wsj.com](mailto:dean.seal@wsj.com))" really want to short cava ![img](emote|t5_2th52|18632)
Dont get attached to ONE and ONLY stock! You WILL loose money. Try different stocks sometimes to see you either lose more money or even more money :) but serious note try something else.
Harder with the high interest rates daddy kashkari, hurt me please ;) On a serious note, i still feel like they should have hiked harder, really make all the debt junkies feel some pain.
I guess I should also note that in the discussion of medication overall, not just ozempic. But with ozempic specifically, I know a handful of people on it, and yeah looking it up shows it’s such a drastic reduction in appetite. Any normal person taking it is probably doing harm to themselves honestly Even then. What that does for people to help them make changes and continue on the right path is not a negative thing. That said I do agree that the mass adoption of it is probably something to look at. They’re still finding things out about it. I’d be worried about something long term myself.
Note they still may have a trick up their sleeves; they could miss earnings but give strong guidance by mentioning an effort to integrate AI into their products in the next couple of months.
Buying is only 1/2 of trading. You’ve discovered you like that half. Note you have to learn the other half…. The exit strategy.
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