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Just short TSLA, what could go wrong?
This exactly, TSLA current valuation is based solely because people treat it like a tech company, banking on the fact that they will have a massive lead in the development of FSD due to all the data they have. And people only believe this because Elon has somehow made himself appear like a genius and built a cult around him that believes anything he says, and believe that TSLA is more than an automotive company when in reality it isn't. The moment Elon goes people will realize it's just a car company and the valuation will fall massively (to something infinitely more realistic).
They had no choice. If it didn't pass and Elon walks away from TSLA the stock and company will collapse. It is driven by one man.
I hold Tesla and voted for Elon even though I don't agree with alot of what he has said the past 3 years or so. Fuck some Delaware judge reversing a decision made by the board. Not how this works. He now will own more than he ever did before which is good for Tesla long term imo. He is not just fronting a brand he is pitching an entire future here. This is a package deal as far as in concerned. Its why I bought in Feb '20. Since then he has only hyped this future vision more. His other very public ventures provide excellent PR for Tesla in a roundabout way and TSLA is the only way for the general public to get on board. He just needs to stay out of politics and get his ego in check.
But it's all BS anyway, I do listen to the calls, I wont touch TSLA
Are you a tesla share holder from 2018? He didn't transfer money from tesla share holders who owned in 2018. A dollar in TSLA stock in 2018 is now worth $8.
TSLA has been in a downtrend for almost 3 years and puts will still get you destroyed. I know this from experience. I'm down about 40K over the past year and the vast majority of the losses have come from trying to short this dogshit company. I have had multiple opportunities to make it all back and then some, all of which were from playing calls, and I missed on all of them because I took profits too early. That's the part that really haunts me, more than the actual losses. Regarding the "should be" bit, I also feel this too. I think it's normal, or at least understandable, to look at a society with record levels of wealth inequality and think that there is something deeply wrong with SPY being up nearly 300% since the COVID bottom. Those gains are mainly just making the rich even richer. There's nothing wrong with you if you look at Elon's massive 56B pay package coming not too long after he cut 20,000 jobs from Tesla and think "huh, that seems evil". It is profoundly evil. And yes, reversions to the mean do happen, we can see that by examining history. Crashes are built into the system because endless growth is fundamentally unsustainable. The crash in 87, the dot-com bubble, the Great Recession, the COVID crash. The next one is always lurking. But trying to call the top is a suicide mission. "The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent" isn't just a meme, it's a harsh truth of playing this game. So stop being a bear.
Sure there is. Setting the precedent that when you agree to a deal with a CEO that he will get paid $$$$$$$$$$ if he manages to 10x your company in 5 years and then *not paying once he actually does it.* That is not how you retain the kind of talent that can pull off that kind of move. TSLA would be fucked without Elon and the majority of shareholders know it.
I sort of use this strategy, just without leverage. Bought 100 shares of TSLA in Jan 2023 at 188. Even with the rally today, it's still a loss so far. However, I've been selling covered calls on those 100 shares since and have $7,000+ in premiums. Only works if you're OK owning the stock long term, and the stock is very volatile and subject to large swings. I roll back and forward based on how bad I called it, but have yet to have an option exercised.
Haha ok fanboi, TSLA -27% YTD. lost more than HALF of their value too You can't argue with stupid people, they would drag uou down to their level and beat you with experience
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