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Lol that's nothing compared to the 750 TSLA 1d banbet that was dropped minutes later.
17 minutes ago
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**Ban Bet Created:** **/u/Oxyoverrimjobs** bet **TSLA** goes from **665.4** to **750.0** before **2022-05-23 16:25:34.242883-04:00**
24 minutes ago
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!banbet TSLA 750 1d
24 minutes ago
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TSLA buying 🌽 was a blunder. 🌽 is a risky asset, and Tesla is a growth stock. If they wanted to Hedge, they should have gone with something that is inversely pegged to TSLA
34 minutes ago
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TSLA guhhh.....
about 1 hour ago
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It makes me wonder how many people are buying puts right after SPY just had a resistance breakout, or calls right when SPY just fell through critical support. The TSLA chart just this past Friday formed bear flag after bear flag and gave so many opportunities for buying puts or selling call credit spreads.
about 3 hours ago
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His monthly payment is like 50-60% principal on a 30 year mortgage. Likelihood of getting 2.25 in a 30 year in the next couple of decades are extremely slim. Selling it now would be like selling TSLA after they announced their stock split.
about 4 hours ago
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He’s busy shorting $TSLA
about 4 hours ago
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> She’s only 25. Do you know the definition of "Millennial"? ``` mil·​len·​ni·​al | \ mə-ˈle-nē-əl Definition of millennial (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : They like the stonk. So long as it's AAPL or TSLA. 2 : So fucked now. ``` BTW, tell your baby girl not to rent the over-priced apartment until she actually sits down for her first day at the Kombucha Bar. And puts in a full six hours. And isn't sent home to await a box of swag and come back in when you get it. Or maybe Apple isn't as mean as Meta.
about 5 hours ago
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A bit tbh but probably not as much as I should. I don't really trade dispersion that much tbh. I think the most notable thing was seeing implied correlation change so rapidly during that volatility event in November (the Omicron thing). The megatech seemed to just do their own thing for the *longest time*. The spreads on IVs for some specific and big names is gigantic (things like TSLA vs. SPX or AMZN vs. SPX) though.
about 6 hours ago
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