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Recent Comments

So you only play SPY, TSLA, GME, AMC? I thought this was about making money. BBBY 10c exp Sept 30
13 minutes ago
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Please TSLA AND SPY GO RED I need my puts to be rescued from the grave. 😢🥺😩😩😩😩
17 minutes ago
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HeS dOnE sEllIng TSLA 🤡🤡 Lol 😂
24 minutes ago
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Elon could shit in tsla bulls mouths and they would still pump it up so he can cash out more.
25 minutes ago
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Did it day trading SQ. Opened a position on TSLA for next week expiry so hoping to net 80k if all goes well.
41 minutes ago
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Countdown to Musk being forced to buy TWTR He knows he’s gonna end up owning it - which is why he sold TSLA shares
about 1 hour ago
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I thought TSLA was gonna moon. Maybe tomorrow?
about 1 hour ago
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Tsla $1000 tomorrow? Please
about 1 hour ago
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Don't bet against companies that hipsters jerk to.. Aapl, TSLA, plug They invest with their emotions not with their brains.
about 1 hour ago
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Just wanna say thanks everybody for this past week. I'm small time. I only buy 1 or 2 calls at a time, because that's all I can afford, but I made some good money this week. SPY, DIS, NVTA, BBBY and TSLA a couple weeks ago. Every little bit counts.
about 2 hours ago
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