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Recent Comments

Gotta do something before TSLA earnings
6 minutes ago
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It is ok TSLA just go quietly into the night
6 minutes ago
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Grabbing puts on TSLA tomorrow before close. Lfggg
7 minutes ago
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Everything from SaaS to crypto to other EV and EV adjacent has been slaughtered. And TSLA has too from the $1,200 level at the start of the year. The people calling for a dip and a value buy at 300x trailing earnings and 20x sales in this environment is crazy. Maybe it can hold on, but idk. TSLA hasn’t really been hit that hard in this sell off. There are plenty of ppl still jerking TSLA and there seems to be no fear. How that is possible when seeing everything going to shit I’m not sure, but TSLA has been resilient for so long against a lot of naysayers. This time around it feels like nobody wants to go too short, and even this FD is modest, mostly just food for thought and firing from the hip
8 minutes ago
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how to play TSLA earnings
10 minutes ago
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TSLA hot mess today
14 minutes ago
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Surprise news on Semi, Cybertruck, and Musk on the Earnings call are my reasons for not doing this. I hope it is wildly profitable for you. We haven't had a good old-fashioned TSLA circle jerk for a while, so this might be headed straight to $1k... Good luck.
14 minutes ago
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Should I sell my feb Dutchbros calls just incase tsla tanks
17 minutes ago
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I closed TSLA puts yesterday that I ended up getting a 1000% return on. i'm considering doing it again but im worried that a drop in the VIX and IV crush would wipe out any gains on puts even if TSLA drops.
19 minutes ago
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tsla and msft puts it is
20 minutes ago
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