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I have Tsla puts and msos calls, how rich am I about to be?
Lol AOC has been threatening to sell her Tesla for years, but never followed through. Calls on TSLA.
80 run up in SPY look for TSLA 230 at opne
Someone found out AOC owns a TSLA, so now, to save face, she is going to trade it in for a "union made" EV. lmao.
QQQ, NVDA, AMD, AAPL, TSLA puts. tech stocks go down, my portfolio go up
Likely will have the same story for TSLA 10 years from now. Set it and forget it.
Should I do this with my decade ago TSLA and AMD purchase and sells?
Me with tsla
Not as regarded as the CHAP that bought my 2-TSLA 300 covered calls for December for 1890.00 each... they closed what 750.00... I'm long and don't want to lock in the gains... my IRA I let them stop me out and rebuy the bottom and SL on pops... I was actually suprised no bounce yesterday as I was expecting a bounce back to 252 to stay within the falling wedge but no such luck... GL Buddy
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