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This week, in order: TSLA, MSFT, FB, BA
24 minutes ago
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Bought more TSLA shares on dip
25 minutes ago
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I bet the "big TSLA July 600 put buyer" Pete Najarian was referencing is Michael Burry 🐻
32 minutes ago
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Long TSLA and short China. It’s not hard
36 minutes ago
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Why would you be too late for puts on TSLA? It's bumping off new highs on postmarket earnings expectations. Puts here is where you want them.
38 minutes ago
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TSLA 666.66
44 minutes ago
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So just FOMOing into TSLA was the move? And UPS is being very brown today
about 1 hour ago
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U know TSLA gunna Blast earning like me in your mom
about 1 hour ago
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If TSLA announces a divie it will go to 1000
about 1 hour ago
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TSLA puts at close is practically free money
about 1 hour ago
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