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This is why I only play META, you gotta pick stocks with regard strength that can maintain uptrends in bitch ass pullback markets ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)
All the big boys report next week meta goog Microsoft
Buying META 530 C for Apr26 is the play if u belive in bull run
I only buy OTM calls 🤣. And yea i know, this year has been great volatility! I trade across 4 different accounts and im super green on all 4 accounts. I kinda think mentally that helps. My overall strategy this year has been to keep 1-3k in markets and see where it takes me. If im up significantly, i will take the gains and send them straight to my bank account and restart my portfolio over and leave 1-3k total across all 4 accounts. And if i lose the 1-3k then thats it i am done on the year. Ive come close several times to my last few hundred dollars but ive been blessed to keep hitting big, just once i think im done for the year, boom im up again lol. Ive been buying calls on blue chip stocks, ai stocks, and crypto stocks that have been getting beat up for a few days or have been flat for a few days/weeks. And i just rotate which stocks im buying. The markets have been bearish and im not sure how much longer this strategy will work. I’ve already changed it up to playing more put options. I started this year with 100 dollars of my own money on a meta call contract during their earnings. Its snowballed since, i havent put any other money in. Been trading for 10 years total.
0dte are definitely fun! Thanks btw. I actually play any major AI stock. Meta and SMCI have been my best performing ones this year. SMCI i have been damn near perfect on that stock this year. I think im up 40k on that stock alone. I missed an extra 20k today from that gap. But i still settled for 15k gain on the week from it. I probably dont play that stock enough tbh, but i usually rotate when ai stocks get beat up i buy calls.
How often do you check Facebook? $META
Dumping my entire position in QQQ and putting it 50/50 in GOOGLE and META essentially doubling my size on them. Feel like NVDA is going to be a train wreck for QQQ. Thoughts?
META has an empire of ad revenue with now the implementation of their own chips for AI based marketing to disconnect them from NVDA reliance. They also utilize Samsung to remove the volatility of a potential Taiwan invasion from China causing disruptions in chip production. The stock has regularly touched 530+ in the past month multiple times and is maintaining a forward P/E ration of 34 despite the massive run up. Their earnings back up their valuations hence why they haven’t tanked as hard as the rest of the market. They’re currently one of the few tech companies still in an uptrend despite the market ranking. They’ve blown earnings out of the water every quarter this year and will continue to do so, zuck is all in as fuck on his company and will do whatever it takes to see growth.
I’ve got 20K in META 1/17/25 550C. Market can pull back all it wants I ain’t fuckin with weeklies anyways, earnings season for big tech is next week.
Because this market is in the shitter because JPow wants it there. Which is why it moons for the election. Give it a month or 2 everything will be back to normal. How we with that said. Tsm earnings tomorrow are very important. Then meta. Then arm.
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