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That’s why they use satoshis for smaller denominations. btc market cap surpassed Berkshire and is likely to take out meta next. Right now it’s number 10 asset in the world . Must be a joke though
"This ad brought to you by Meta: All your internet are us"
it frees operating income in short term which means it costs less to produce the goods/services you offer giving you a higher margin. it could also signify that the company made a failed investment in something and is removing that expense from the balance sheet now which can be a positive signal. META reducing headcount and investment into Metaverse and TGT closing stores are examples of this. They essentially have similar revenue but removed those expenses so the profit margin improves. that said, you aren't totally wrong that if a company doesn't reinvest in itself and staff appropriately for growth they will run into issues and not be able to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace. those are usually good problems to have (too short on workers to meet demand type of situation).
I think it’s a few things; stories of insiders selling (same w META among others) plus the news a short time ago that NVDA not allowed to sell their most sophisticated chips to China and that was mentioned as a concern for future guidance during their recent earnings call. plus market in general is taking a breather and MSM stories are all about how the magnificent 7 are falling so people can buy other stuff or something like that. I’m still holding my shares. If it goes low enough I’ll buy more as revenge trading for my stupid mistake to sell shares back at 285 and missing the massive move up
Remember when Meta was down huge and cheap as hell in January? Yeah me too, except I was an idiot and didn’t buy any shares/calls :)
Meta get shit on😃
What is happening with Meta?
Meta tanking really ![img](emote|t5_2th52|33495)
Meta is closed to bounce, $320 area is very critical.
No downies but looking to add moar META🤖📖 Without TWTR🐣, who else advertises for the upcumming 🗳️❓
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