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Here I thought my WWDC META puts were fucked. Thanks pedos! 🍻
Fuck meta ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
Meta can’t even get Facebook and instagram to work together sometimes, I doubt I’d trust them to run a virtual world
>Instagram Helps Connect Network of Accounts Devoted to Underage-Sex Content, Investigations Find -- WSJ $META [twitter.com/DeItaone/statu…](https://t.co/NbrkZEcrpE) ^\*Walter ^Bloomberg ^[@DeItaone](http://twitter.com/DeItaone) ^at ^2023-06-07 ^07:07:25 ^EDT-0400
>Instagram Connects Vast Pedophile Network $META [wsj.com/articles/insta…](https://t.co/rZiEBwwP6P) ^\*Walter ^Bloomberg ^[@DeItaone](http://twitter.com/DeItaone) ^at ^2023-06-07 ^07:06:14 ^EDT-0400
Meta should be on this list. Up 180% since the metaverse reckoning last year. Beats the piss out of all but NVDA. I didn't buy though ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
Meta you killing my calls![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)
If zackeberg wasn't running the company the meta thing wouldn't have been such a flop imo, not because he's bad at running a company or something it's just because he's such an irritating person to look at
Dude, first of, where is these "everyone"? All I see is full-tilt bullish frenzy 99% of the time. Secondly, any decent bear is completely fucked to death at this point. I would know, I'm a bear - I already lost more than half of my portfolio in 2023, gonna watch a shit ton of Meta 200 puts that has been worthless for a month expire next Friday. This has been a bear-extinction event, any bear sentiment is more likely to be bulls talking to themselves.
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