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Note I said continued trend upward. If rate hikes haven’t fully impacted the economy then it’s safe to assume those who need to refi at higher rates will also struggle more
Truthfully man why not just put it into VOO or do SCHGxSCHD and that’s all ? or VOOxSCHD or even VTI QQQM SCHD but on a serious note, Disney will die sooner that people think yes I’m a person from the future. But I would look into PG PEP or MAIN, VICI or if your looking for a gamble growth stock BROS.They have more expanding to do.
Rates shouldn't be low forever, especially for no reason. These rates are actually normal (on the belly of the curve). Long-term rates still need to move a bit higher (remember they are artificially low because of QE from the financial crisis in 2008. If the Fed wasn't still holding MBS and notes, the 5-10 year rate would be much higher.) Consequently, the 20-30yr would also be higher than the medium term rates and the entire curve would be upward sloping. The were actually trying to correct their mistakes from the GFC (great financial crisis) of keeping rates too low and delaying QT. Then Covid happened and they made the mistake again of leaving rates too low for too long. However, this time they made a new mistake. They started buying high yield bond ETFs and CLO ETFs which suppressed volatility in those markets and has helped keep credit spreads artificially low. Again, none of that is normal (either for the GFC or Covid). The problem is younger traders or people new to the markets only have recent memory or limited experience and no reference point of normal equilibriums in financial markets with positive real rates that are in line with inflation. Right now, real rates (as measured by TIPS) are a bit above 2% which is near normal.). Current rates are just too low. A Fed funds rate near 3.5% with 30 year note near 5.5% is more normal. That would mean real rates around 1.5% (3.5% Nominal 2yr Less 2% inflation). The 2yr is used as a proxy for the short end of the curve which is more heavily influenced by fed policy rates. Btw, the 30yr bond coupon was 6.75% in 1996. As of the most recent auction, the 30yr Treasury bond coupon is 4.125%. Not to mention, the Treasury has a lot more notes and bonds to sell to fund current and future spending which will push up rates because investors will demand more compensation for the increased debt load.
i was reading about this guy in Italy, he left a goodbye letter to his parents and asked them to help his ex wife and daughters, like a suicide note, and disappeared. Everyone thought he was dead but now they found him, 10 years later living on an island in Greece. He just left to live on a sunny island haha, what a guy... poor family
Loss 20k for the week but ending the week on a good note up $200 today !
Yeah, this comes round every couple of years. Schumer pushes for legalisation. The Dems say they want the little guy to have some protections/stop the big tobacco companies swooping in. Republicans will say they don't want that and lets face it since maybe 2016 maybe even as far back as 2008 the Repub's will simply push back because it's what the Dems want. It probably doesn't even make it as far as a congressional vote, but if it does there is basically a 90% chance it fails. If by some miracle it makes it as far as the senate then you've got a decent shot of it becoming law... as long as the Dems win the 24 election that is because it's not getting a senate vote before that day. Second to final note - Biden isn't going to run on this. He's a conservative Dem who despite everything will be in a very tough race. He isn't going to make an issue which is probably ranked 20th in order of importance with voters a central issue to his campagin. The bulk of people who want it legalised were probably voting Dem anyway and no true Republican is going to switch sides just because it's going to be slightly easier to get a baggy. TL;DR It ain't happeneing.
Side note: Do a little research on how people make cash offers on homes without actually having the cash. You will be surprised that many still borrow in order to make a cash offer.
Gotcha. Side note: Regarding all cash deals. 36% of recent home sales last year were all cash deals. That number is also skewed...because many home deals that appear to be all cash were actually funded from borrowing as well. Via home equity or upfront underwriting. Most are not stroking a check from savings. And yes, if somebody doesn't have theirs...they are fucked as a first time homeowner.
And...I can assure you, they don't have 10 to 1 dollars to my income. Side note: There are 230 million home owners in the United States. 80% of them have a home loan under 4%. 3/4 of them couldn't afford to buy their home today and live in it at the current interest rate environment and come up with the 20% down if they had to buy their home today. This is why housing supply is so low. This is why home prices haven't started to drop dramatically...yet. Home prices aren't supposed to rise over 40% in a couple of years...there will be reversion to the mean. Also...the vast majority of cash deals are not from actual savings. Many of them borrow to create the cash through upfront underwriting.
*makes note to long PYPL*
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