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>We've seen Microsoft, Google and Apple design their own ARM chips because of their massive performance/watt advantage. All 3 mentioned companies produce their chips at TSMC because Intel can't deliver it and needs to open up for contract manufacturing for other companies. msft is an intc foundry customer, regard.
The same thing that happens to AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, GOOGL and every other motherfucker that makes chips. You think nvda in isolation will tank? The whole market would. Which is why it’ll never be allowed to happen. There’s a reason why we shell damn near a trillion dollars on defense baby /s
Ngl, I think Nvidia is selling shovels to Meta, Google, Microsoft and Tesla. Selling shovels makes money, Nvidia makes money. Using the shovels isn't guaranteed to make money, TSLA, GOOG, MSFT and TSLA have yet to profit from their brand new high end cards.
Gaming is to Nvidia what Microsoft is to WindowsOS I don’t think MSFT makes that much fromOS
MSFT maybe but QCOM looks totally overbought
I believed in INTC too, until MSFT ditched them and announced the new era of laptops powered by snapdragon x elite. I think this time it might really succeed. A lot of professional software already runs natively on the new CPUs. It includes ms office, adobe’s software, development tools etc. Regular users don’t need anything more then a browser. If “x elite” succeeds, intel’s chips (and x86 altogether) will disappear within a few years.
The threat to NVidia doesn't come from AMD (they are pretty far behind IMO), but from Apple, Google, MSFT, etc custom building their own in-house server chips.
You’re thinking this is a horse race and you want to know which horse to bet on to max your bet payout. It’s too unrealistic. I’m taking a broader view. Not so much diversification but just bet on two horses. Big deal. You’re betting on America. Tech leads the way. I got some money in Marvell, amzn, msft, alphabet too. That whole tech sector will move forward together. All the racehorses move forward, your money does too.
Here is my .02 I started investing/trading in AMD in 1997. I hated Intel and always pull for David and held and traded AMD for years. Like I owned AMD when it was $3.50/share. I started accumulating NVDA in 2019, already having some AMD. I kept adding NVDA and today I sold my final 150 shares of AMD and rolled it into NVDA. Now I have almost 500 shares of NVDA. It doesn’t mean I will never own AMD, Lisa is amazing and the chips are great. CUDA and the software stack for AI is 5 years ahead, this is the issue, not their architecture. But being 5 years behind is huge IMO. Most of you are likely too young to know that MSFT tried to answer iPhone with the Zune (actually zune media player to compete with iPod), but that was their ambition to have a Zune phone, but Jobs was 5 years ahead and nobody knows what the fuck a Zune is in 2024. There you have it. I love AMD and for my laptop/pc I ALWAYS go AMD over suck ass INTC but in this case there is a clear leader like the ipod/iPhone in mid 2000’s. This is not financial advice lol ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)
It’s actually 78.4% gross and at this pace they will kick MSFT in the nuts in a couple of years at this pace. The rest, I agree with you it’s unlikely in 2 week or to get a $4T valuation. But so it was for TSLA, right?
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