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I’ll take another few “slightly down” days where MSFT sheds another $50B in market cap. Fuckin bloated pig, fat on the cringe AI hype.
it's unlikely to go all the way back to ATH quickly, but 200 is probably realistic. It really depends on the regional banks. They are 16% of that index, so basically they are the MSFT, AAPL, and NVDA of the IWM. There are opportunities in it. If you can find the small banks that will come out in great shape, then you can make a bundle. I'd look at that KRE chart and take a look at those small banks before getting involved. Another big part of the IWM is the cruise lines. There are bright spots in it. Just know that if you buy it, you are definitely linked to those smaller banks.
MSFT is worth more than the Russell 2000 combined
not even lying I randomly applied to this job at MSFT just for shits and 2 days later they asked me for an interview...what the hell am i supposed to do now
Made my first $100k after the rally in late November. Investment strategy has not changed I buy the same 2 etfs every month Then I buy some of MSFT, APPL, KO, and GOOGL If left over I buy discounted stocks. My strategy won't be changing. I'm actually planning on doubling down for 2024. I don't know what losing money feels like tbh though. Haven't gotten into calls or shorts yet
Someone posted a chart of the number of funds that own nvda over the price. The number of funds was well over 3500 after this latest run up. Lol msft and aapl arre between 4500 and 5000 and every fund on earth owns that stuff. No one left to buy I guess
how the hell is MSFT not overvalued at this point?
MSFT up 369,000 % all time, anything beat that?
MSFT pumping
I hit MSFT hard, bought 60 contracts on Friday, which lost 80% this morning...and went hard buying an extra 260 calls, and now net positive overall. Hoping for a green day tomorrow, just a small one would make me very happy.
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