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!banbet QQQ 360 1w
18 minutes ago
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Qqq 1dte
26 minutes ago
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QQQ option prices are….something.
27 minutes ago
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QQQ $345C 2/2 - There you go!
29 minutes ago
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Hope you're right, but QQQ making new lows every minute right now. Doesn't seem bullish to me.
31 minutes ago
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on qqq
32 minutes ago
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Can your Portfolio hold another -10% / -20% of QQQ or SPY? If not, delever or hedge. if yes, pick up some cheap shares and go back to work. Watching the candles makes you do stupid shit.
35 minutes ago
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Lmfao why you think that? QQQ is at -3% already
36 minutes ago
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I'm gonna need QQQ below 340 today. Ideally 335. That means -4% \~ -5% on the NASDAQ. And then gap down to 330 tomorrow morning before fed minutes released and then some heavy artillery on the inflation policy to really squeeze the shit out of this market
40 minutes ago
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I figured you meant them I'm old enough to remember when the company was referred to as TI. $TXN That's not completely crazy. Weeklies? Monthlies? Strike? Right now I'm just doing a 2x bear fund on QQQ, not smart enough to pick which one of these is gonna drop next.
41 minutes ago
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