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i was in your position bro. start small again, load up 1k and just slowly grind it back with 0-weekly dtes on qqq/spy/nvda (what i'm doing right now). i've learned i do far better just doing 1-2 trades and cutting losers fast af. hardest part is getting out of a trade, not entering it. good luck brother
No red for QQQ ever
Need a mini QQQ selloff here
Shorting? I'd prefer to dominate your portfolio with a 50:50 split of spy/QQQ without ever opening a stock or finance tab in chrome and live life without worries.
Meh. I don’t have holdings on $TSLA except through $QQQ.
You can literally use $100 to just buy one. Buy a SPY or QQQ call. Or put. Whatever you feel. I was an idiot in the beginning and thought I HAD TO wait for the expiration date on a contract before I could sell it 🤣🤣🤣🤣. It happens. I remember being up $25 and thinking "fuck! I can't sell till 2 days, hopefully it goes up more" 🤣
go buy some QQQ or SPY now that gives you monthly free money.
QQQ 500 by EOM.
Don’t give up regard, I used to think the same way, but what I’ve learned is literally there’s 1-3 800$ > 13k stock plays ever other day. Trust me I watch pass me by all the time ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271) Just today. Hims stock is raging hard upwards. You’re talking about apple. It soared again today you could have made hella more today if you missed out yesterday. CPI report came out today spy and qqq surged you coulda nutted another big gains. Avgo just splurged after hours, could have cleaned up tomorrow morning. Right now it’s 80$ > to 1,000+, if price stays the same. Don’t beat yourself up bro, that’s when u really lose. You miss the next thing Those are two things I have to work on , letting my calls play out, and finding more plays.
thought my qqq 465p was safe god damn
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