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Futures for qqq/spy
Was planing on buying qqq as soon as market opens
QQQ, NVDA, AMD, AAPL, TSLA puts. tech stocks go down, my portfolio go up
The market might correct so I have spdn for short term. When market goes down maybe buy voo. If you buy individual stocks you might make money or might go down to zero. I wouldn't invest more then 10 percent in an individual stocks. You can also get a bunch of free stocks. Google the site free stock promotions com . TQQQ might be good if market goes down but you could lose everything so consider qqq until you get a feel for everything. Look at the 200 day moving average of the stock before you buy and see if the stock is going up or down. Also look at the PE Ratio make sure the company is making money.
do the QQQ a lot less reserve is required and are easy to push forward with costing you
You know TQQQ options are not any more leveraged than QQQ options right? It’s due to implied volatility being priced into premiums
mainly 0dte Qqq calls
Why trade options on TQQQ instead of QQQ when you’re not poor? QQQ options are far more liquid with tighter spreads.
What makes you think a reversal is coming? Huge double top on qqq a little support here but momentum and news is so against you
I mean ya ok that’s always a possibility in any scenario It’s more risky holding TQQQ than QQQ
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