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It started as a spac as a vision from its current ceo Abel. For a long time they talked about being able to achieve continuous 5g connection to cellular devices without any extra equipment or apps to your phone. Only ASTS can operate in this broadband spectrum at the moment. There are other major players who got to market first/faster but it’s not 4/5g and very limiting. Any talk of spacex or gsat should be glossed over at the moment since they cannot achieve what ASTS has without disrupting other frequencies. They just proved this concept a few months ago and att and many other telecoms have invested which has attracted major players since it shows potential value. The last earnings call they announced 5 more satellites which could cover the US without any disruption to cell service and also announced no dilution for at least a year which is huge at this point. There may not even be dilution since other major cell networks like Verizon announced they will use ASTS. Commercially this may be an add on to cell phone plans. Think business folks or those who don’t want to lose cell service. There are also military uses, government uses, etc. sorry it’s honestly a lot to type but some dd will let you see the potential. Basically NO ONE ELSE CAN COMPETE WITH THEIR SPEEDS and to service the entire world it would take A LOT less satellites than any competitor
Props, I’ve been holding ASTS for awhile and pretty much wrote it off til I saw the ATT news.
I really want this to happen. As a ASTS bull I'd all in if it drops back to <8
As another $ASTS long, this is going back to $4-$6 within the near future. Way overbought right now.
I'd go with a certain gaming store first (double by eow) then fling your profits into ASTS
ASTS has a potential big catalyst coming up on the 25th June, if Firstnet announce they've signed a deal it'll double (again, it's already up 400%). It'll probably dip in the meantime though, hold off and try and get around 8.50.
My ASTS calls went up today ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)
Today is the last day ASTS closes under 10
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