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I noticed most people who prep for societal collapse (gravy seals) think they’ll reign supreme not realizing pharmacy’s would be down and wouldn’t have access to their insulin, ozempic, and blood pressure meds. Good thing they have stockpiles of guns and food. Us healthy people are gonna need it when we raid their shit. 
Yes. You’re the only one seeing it. May need to up your meds.
There's at least a 1 year lag with rates. If they wait until inflation is actually 2% to cut they will all but guarantee a recession. Powell off his fucking meds.
Download good RX so your viagra and hair loss meds are cheaper
No meds today , let’s play
I didn’t take my meds
This market is more bi-polar than me before my meds.
But they want it assuming US support. Biden ain’t gonna risk it this year, if he even has enough dementia meds
Calls on whatever meds you should be on right now but clearly aren't.
Don't let the downvotes fool you, we're all just happy you're expending energy whinging on the internet instead of shooting up a middle school. Meds. Now.
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