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Metlife Inc - 4.75% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser F

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4k trying to fomo in on fife a couple weeks ago.  Bought at the top 30k.  Sold minutes later for 4k loss.  Got put in day trading jail for 90 days for abusing the f out of my margins.  Lesson learned.  
May or may not be the one stock that starts with F and ends in E 😂 lesson learned.
Bro she’s not yours yet if she hasn’t met me and had her opportunity to chose.
At least you got A+, I got F I am the loser.
congrats and f you lol
princess looooooouise veganilton the CRASHmilton the CRYmilton the C.O.A.T., crashiest of ALL time, is getting absolutely dummied by a teammate who has 1 gifted illegitimate win, and ZERO championships gr3AteST ⁰f ALl tIMə
F Deirdre M Morgan left out Pippa
F Cathy Wood
Yeah f all that pushin p, lemme see you push gdp
wtf did I not get my lotto put in crm in. Would have been a 30 bagger F
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