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Semis pumping overnight, but will probs crash again at open. FML. Maybe I'll do a 0 DTE put on AMD as a hedge against my June AMD and NVDA calls lol. I'll have to suss put prices. My NFLX Iron Condor from Monday should be way in the money, but IV is outpacing Theta atm. Might have to roll it for a wider spread if I'm gonna hold this bitch through earnings.
I fuck with the amd dip, 1dte calls here we go ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)
How much you wanna bet the AMD doesn’t get back that -10$ today even though AMD is more related to TSM than ASML
!Banbet AMD TO $168 EOD
AMD to the moon plz
Only need AMD to go up 12% tomorrow for my calls to break even 🤡
TSM NVDA SMCI ARM LRCX ASML INTC all up 5-10% tomorrow. AMD -.07%
Jeez. A 7% move would result in at least 5% for all tech hardware (nVidia, AMD, etc), and at least 4% for qqq. Which would imply a 12% move for SQQQ.
Great news for now. Long term, china will black list micron like they are planning on doing with AMD and INTEL. China is a big market for Micron. So when the news gets announced within 2 years, micron is LT short.
I'm buying more AMD baby then baby!
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