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I want to buy the dip but after last week... yikes![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271) I think AMD could be a good play for earnings
I dont think it would be that hard for AMD to come up with their own form of cuda. CUDA itself isn't that complex (the algorithms written ij it are, but the language itself seems pretty basic)
What are the odds AMD rallies back to 160ish next week
How did amd go from 180 to 150 in 3 days lol?
As long as they are beholden to TSMC to survive, let alone thrive, nothing they say really changes anything because they'll remain production limited for the foreseeable future. AMD has been in the same boat for a while, granted without all the hype.
Your favorite president and his chips war on china is the reason your tsm nvda and amd calls are worthless let’s all remember this while voting for the big bad 🥭 in November. Scum bag dems
You know why LLMs and thus GPUs that can run LLMs are valuable? I am a tinkerer. I love building and creating and dissecting. Hadoop cluster? Sure. 300 terabyte Ceph cluster for Plex? Absolutely. But LLMs, I use them more than any other tool in my homelab. They’re incredibly useful. They’re not AI. They won’t replace me. But they will absolutely enhance my ability to get things done faster. A lot faster. I know when a technology will be successful based upon how much it sucks me in. VR was cool. I bought the DK2 and spent some time with it. But it didn’t have legs. But these LLMs, I’m already planning on building a 4U server full of 3090s so I can run my own stuff. I have a million ideas for how to use these tools. Any analyst in some hedge fund who says they don’t know how to monetize “AI” is an idiot. Here is an easy one. Integrate your LLM in your business with your internal wiki. Large organizations have massive amounts of internal knowledge. And it’s hard to organize and find the right howto page when I need it. Atlassian is going to make so much money if they integrate an LLM with their confluence product. Tie the above into your codebase and you have a much more capable support team that can tie an incident or outage back to the product/owner/jira/codebase instantly. Being able to get your employees the right information faster is absolutely worth money to large organizations. If Goldman Sachs is saying they don’t know how “AI” will be monetized, they’re fucking idiots. First because they called an LLM AI. And B) because there are plenty of ways to monetize this. And to do all of the above, for the most part I need nvidia. Sure AMD has ROCm. But still.
keep hyping up the ONLY semiconductor stock that managed to lose you money if you invested 5 years ago i am sure it will eventually work out great eventually because intc is such a steal at those prices right? what could go wrong once 14nm ++++++++++++++++++++ hits amd and nvdia will not know what to do
Yeah i swapped over to AMD calls ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)
I got 20k in AMD calls now ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
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