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GTA VI is the killer app for gaming hardware. Now is the perfect time to get in on under the radar companies like Sony, Microsoft, AMD, and Nvidia before Wall Street finds out about them.
My first 100k loss i celebrated by binge eating mcdonalds for a week. It took me 3 years to get to that point. 2 years later amd im approaching a 1,000,000 loss. I cant wait until they get rid of the $3k passive loss limitation because I wont pay taxes for years!
Yeah and in terms of timeline it’s been about a decade since GPUs were relevant to Bitcoin. I remember when my buddy kept killing his AMD GPUs mining 😆
For mining AMD are fine, atleast amd did not answer their customers with a "F U miners your warranty is void now buy our overpriced mining gpus at a higher overpriced price"
Why not Intel arc? It's dirt cheap compared to amd and Nvidia.
AMD processor with NVIDIA GPU is the way to go 🤝
You're obviously not as rich or intelligent as me if you're still using AMD. NVIDIA is the only way to go if you want true performance. Anyone who says otherwise is just poor and jealous of my success.
Well Nvidia is superior to AMD, but AMD is marginally cheaper. NVIDIA also has wider support since it has a higher market share. You can get a RTX 3060 Ti for about $200 if you’re on a budget. I just upgraded to one and I’m very impressed with the performance.
AMD GPUs are great at finding the worst times to inexplicably crash.
I went Intel and AMD and can’t complain.
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