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Investing.com-- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (TW:2330) (NYSE:TSM), or TSMC, clocked a stronger-than-expected first-quarter profit on Wednesday as the world’s largest contract chipmaker benefited stronger demand on the back of artificial intelligence development. TSMC’s net income rose to T$225.49 billion for the three months to March 31, higher than Reuters estimates of T$218.1 billion ($6.7 billion). The figure was also well above last year’s net income of T$206.99 billion. Diluted Q1 earnings per share were T$8.70 or $1.38 per American Depository Receipt, up from $1.31 last year. First-quarter revenue rose 16.5% to T$592.64 billion.
Caught, Gutted & Cleaned with Notepad: >Trump Media announced a live TV streaming platform — and the stock tumbled 14%. ~Rocio Fabbro >Truth Social will stream live TV, the company said, including news, religious channels, “family-friendly content,” as well as “other content that has been canceled, is at risk of cancellation, or is being suppressed on other platforms and services. Trump Media said that much like Truth Social itself, the streaming platform will be “independent of Big Tech.” >Trump Media stock ended Tuesday down by 14%, closing out the trading day at $22.84 per share. That brings the company’s market capitalization to $3.12 billion — cutting its market valuation by more than half since its first-trading-week highs. >The company said the streaming service is “expected to greatly enhance and expand Truth Social, an iconic Trump brand whose free-speech mission resonates deeply with its community of users and supporters.” Truth Social had 7.7 million total visits last month, according to data aggregator SimilarWeb. >“With our streaming content, we aim to provide a permanent home for high-quality news and entertainment that face discrimination by other channels and content delivery services,” Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes said in a statement Tuesday. “There is a lot of great content that simply can’t find an audience for unjust reasons, and we want to let these creators know they’ll soon have a guaranteed platform where they won’t be canceled.” >Trump Media, the company behind Truth Social, went public on the Nasdaq under the ticker DJT on March 26, after completing its merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC. >Only a week after its red-hot debut, Trump Media stock began to nosedive after the company disclosed a loss from operations of almost $16 million in 2023, plus interest expense of $39.4 million, while bringing in just $4.1 million in revenue. That’s compared with a loss from operations of $23.2 million, plus interest expense of $2 million, on $1.5 million in revenue in 2022, according to regulatory filings. >Its stock continued its free-fall this week after Trump Media registered the resale of substantially all of its outstanding securities. Shares held by certain insiders remain subject to lock-up agreement that will expire in August or September.
Nvidia Corp -> `873.234` (13.224 / 1.538%)
Yeah lets give the banksters control of taxes....wonderful idea, I wonder how that will work out? /s Taxes on corporations only really help small biz, they pass along the costs as inflation. It doesn't reduce inflation - it keeps it the same and/or offshores production as a result with little to no net increase in net tax revenue to offset gov spending. Tax individuals, tax cap-gains as straight income, tax stock options at issuance (to the corp if you want)...add more tax brackets beyond 578k...these things all can add to the tax base, and recoupe the gov spending to balance the deficit which will reduce the inflation. Tax imports, hey there you go, but this destabilizes global trade and starts removing USD from world reserve currency. But hey be edgy with some 'dumb cuck' statements, just cuz it's trading sideways and your bear puts didn't print today. Rate cuts were off the table as of last week's CPI this round. This was priced in, ya'dum-dumbed this. More hikes haven't been on the table for the whole year...get comfy with 4.75-(2x cuts)-5.25% is what Jerome said, this is what you got.
$rblx Roblox Corp is letting more people sell in-game items on its Roblox creator marketplace. It's also rolling out a new 'publishing advance' fee to help it "raise the bar" on the quality of those user-made assets. [https://www.gamedeveloper.com/business/roblox-introducing-new-publishing-advance-fee-as-it-opens-up-creator-marketplace](https://www.gamedeveloper.com/business/roblox-introducing-new-publishing-advance-fee-as-it-opens-up-creator-marketplace)
Never really got the chance to enjoy it, just as things seemed to be turning around 2008 happened and that was the pivot into underpaying everyone and claiming fake job insecurity while corp profits skyrocketed 
Costco Wholesale Corp -> `717.64` (-13.7 / -1.87%)
Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. Common Stock -> `26.63` (-5.96 / -18.3%)
Nvidia Corp -> `869.27` (-12.6 / -1.43%)
Cuck truck corp RIVN getting assfucked today 🌚
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