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Craigslist generates over 600 million in revenue still. I didn't touch on it but one of Reddit's strengths is that the server costs are literally pennies. When you look at a company like SNAP their costs are through the roof because it costs a ton to service their users. SNAP makes 8.96 per user while RDDT makes about 3.50. But the cost to service those users is 10-20X higher for SNAP. RDDT has had a lot of R and D costs for the past few years as they build out the app and advertising platform, but I would expect those to come down or level out. But the actual cost to host users for RDDT is practically nothing which is why just like Craigslist it's gonna be a cash cow.
How cow!!! There are still regards think this is about Iran and Israel?!?!
How quaint. A "my cow is a special cow" outlook.
Even the bots on this sub are regarded, holy cow
That’s a pretty high salary for a cow
Probably when the worst business man of all-time decided to have a publicly traded stock. You may as well just throw a whole cow into a shark tank.
imo, this is why i'm bearish. the cash cow is donezo.
if you say so. i suspect this is his last fight and the end of the cash cow. if it even draws well, anyway. he's been a joke for years now. shit, in the last ~8 years, he has one whole win - and it's cerrone. he's spent more time fighting senior citizens, it seems. on a related note, imo, the ufc is in decline and has very little star power at the moment.
Google bought otherwise it would have gone bankrupt. Can't lose hundreds of millions each year unless you have a cash cow like google search ads.
Sometimes you’re the bull and sometimes you are the cow. Today you were the latter
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