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VRT will continue to follow suit, that's one I've owned since $14
anyone gambling on OKLO? buying tiny amounts on dips. maybe just a short term hype trade? rare for a spac to turn out like VRT did? and not just go to pennies and reverse split… only energy utility i have a few shares in is ORA which may not move much… geothermal which is “green as fuck”? and a few shares of SEDG ENPH sold NEE. buying NEP in $20s may have been good? congrats whoever had VST NRG CEG etc. i missed it all. Check out VRT and DELL.
I agree with your premise, I'm bullish on VRT for power solutions for digital infrastructure another shovel maker for the AI gold rush.
Have VRT and got excited.
VRT go brrrrrrt
Well I'm not really taking options plays over nvda earnings I will probably just add to it along with other big holdings like mu, nvda, vst, vrt, etn, arm, apple, and Microsoft and Amazon everyone knows who the winners are now ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4640)
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