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>\*Eurozone Oct Jobless Rate 7.3% Vs. 7.4% in Sep \>\*Eurozone Oct Producer Prices +5.4% on Month; +21.9% on Year \>\*Eurozone Oct PPI Was Seen +3.8% on Month; +20.0% on Year ^\*Walter ^Bloomberg ^[@DeItaone]( ^at ^2021-12-02 ^05:00:38 ^EST-0500
19 minutes ago
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You're thinking of USA vs Mexico. That gets spicy. Russia just gets drunk.
34 minutes ago
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Rumors say it may get spicy with USA vs Russia
44 minutes ago
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It’s funny that the one person that got it in the US is fully vaccinated. I wonder what the efficacy of the vaccine is vs. the umizoomie variant
about 1 hour ago
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I disagree, the discourse just becomes different. It's like sending a text vs a long message. Requires you to think more about what you're saying.
about 5 hours ago
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60 bagazillion little pelets vs some bullets who wins honest question
about 5 hours ago
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UWMC I’m in at $6.99 on 2000 shares, so there is still hope…. The rest of my WSB stocks are circling the drain (BB & CLOV are my biggest losers at 55% and 54%). I’ve perfected the sell early on profit and hold too long on losses method. I was 30 days early selling 2000 shares of GME before knowing about WSB (12/29 for $19.50 vs ~$4 cost basis) Then I sold AMD and AAPL early when I was up 20%…. I say “Don’t be dumb” and then go full retard.
about 5 hours ago
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Yes it’s a problem. We should know what kind of value existing vaccines provide by next Friday. Waning vaccine effectiveness along with a spread rates in multiples from even Delta makes it a bit sticky, but so far cases have on the whole been mild. The fact that this version has 34 mutations vs. the 8-9 of the others makes it unique and complex in a manner we weren’t expecting for a few years. So isolate, get boosted when it’s your time to boost and wait.
about 5 hours ago
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It’s not about how often you take losses, it’s about how big your losses are vs your wins.
about 6 hours ago
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We always talk about sex for pleasure vs emotional connection but then try banging a prostitute. It’s literally no fun at all when you know it’s just a job for the girl. Even when they’re the hot Amsterdam girls who act out the whole enthusiastic party girl role
about 8 hours ago
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