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the US spent over 2 trillion dollars (or 300 million dollars every day for 20 years) in Afghanistan vs 43 billion in assistance to ukraine. (The vast majority of which was aging weapons systems we already spent the money on and sending to Ukraine has actually saved us money as we no longer need to spend the money to maintain them for another 20 years or so)
Saints were leading 17-0 in the 4th quarter & they lose 18-17. Their field goal kicker misses a 46 yarder. Bills looked very good today. They will probably go deep into the playoffs. Bills vs. Dolphins next week.
But wouldnt there just be way more companies with more than $50m in liabilities today vs the past??
You think someone would graph number of days vs year? Time vs time?
Thanks for the info 🙏 do you about the tax treatment for the yield ? Qualified vs non qualified. That’ll make a big difference overall since interest is treated as regular income
BIL has an expense ratio of 0.1354% vs. SGOV's net expense ratio of 0.07% For the 30 day yield, BIL says 5.39% right now while SGOV is showing 5.3% (though yield to maturity is showing 5.39%). Basically the same IMO but I prefer SGOV. EDIT: SGOV expense ratio is 0.07%, not 0.05%.
Gdp numbers are wrong. Go look at fred data for gdi and gdp. Get them both on a chart and you will see they run close together the vast majority of time. Current numbers have a major divergence. Revisions to both will come out on Sept 28. Almost certain gdp will be revised down by quite a bit. We are almost certainly already several months into a recession that wont be officially recognized for awhile longer. The fed missed this by a mile. The tell was the fed rate vs recession charts. Time after time the Fed hits what they think is a high enough rate and they plateau for several months. Then we see them drop it rapidly and a recession occurs. The only time they get away with a big rate hike without a recession has been when they hike and then start dropping asap. They need a new rule in fomc meetings. when they hike and pause they should only pause for 1 meeting. Either they have a clear case after that to hike again or they need to start dropping the rate. 2 fomc meetings resulting in a pause at peak rate never works.
They'd still kick themselves for selling any. Imagine having 200 btc, selling half every time it 10x. You'd have: $500 $2500 $12,500 $60,000 $650,000 =$725,500 VS holding until BTC reached $50k $10m A very smart investor would increase their holdings with a good investment.
what r u smoking audi vs bmw prices are exactly the same
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