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One step at a time 🤡
GM doesn't have the money to go private lmao. This is saying, some execs want to step down so they're pumping the stock and giving themselves a nice package in the short term.
Step 1: Visit WSB in early September Step 2: Fall for a bunch of regards' MSOS hype posts Step 3: Buy calls Step 4: Lose money
Step 1. Stop telling people you're about to get 35k Step 2. Put the money into high yield savings account.
Thought step three was gonna be register as a sex offender
Why am I having to step over shit when it is the dog owners responsibility to pick it up?
step sister
Step 8: >!Ber Fuk!<
50s-70s industrial boom: not alive yet 80s financialization: too young 90s free trade boom: too young Dotcom bubble/recovery: too young Post GFC recovery: broke/student debt COVID boom/memestocks: cashed in Fed pause/AI: performed well Step 8: ???
The clowns who have pimped BTC and its illegitimate step children , have pulled off the biggest scam in human history. I've never owned even one Dogecoin. If I'm lucky , never will.
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