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Leela: Why are you cheering, Fry? You're not rich! Fry: True, but someday I might be rich. And then people like me better watch their step.
I’m thinking one step ahead of you. Yes summer will be hot. But then after summer will come fall and winter. No one needs AC in winter do they??? But they do need a coat!!! Coat stocks FTW. $GOOS 
Why does it feel like V-22 crashes get more publicity than other military aircraft? UH-60 crash just as much with a loss of life, but you don't hear much about those incidents unless it happens locally. IDK, people should take a step back and look at the bigger picture, rather than having knee jerk reactions. Defense contracts are big money for manufactures, and there's incentive for players to have their hands on the scale when it comes to public opinion.
the first step for INTEL would be to start DOING SOMETHING GOOD for a change. Lets see some performance first, either in their new CHIPS, or in their fabrication facility operation. Right now, both are a huge question mark
Trust me when I say this, you will never fully understand without giving it a try. Also it will be difficult to find someone to take time out of their day to explain how this works step by step. I would encourage you watch a YouTube video (there are so many) then open a robinhood account because the app is dummy proof and then give it a try. You won’t fully understand until you give it a try.
Step one to getting rich is to have $20,000 sitting around that you can splash on a YOLO play.
Michael Dell is seriously smart af. Dude took a huge bet and was levered to the tits to take Dell private, executed almost every step of the way on a loooong long turnaround story, re-IPO went great and flooded them with cash, EMC acquisition catapulted growth again, then the VMware spinoff paid off big in 2021. Then Michael Dell came in and flopped his helicopter on the table to show off his fresh tattoo that says "AI". Don't mistake me, this recent run-up is almost purely because of AI, but he is pretty much the reason a company that was on its deathbed 15 years ago is still alive today and in a position to invest in and utilize AI.
Just remember what they say the first step to addiction is.
Step 1. Hate reddit Step 2. Get a 2 bagger on 0dte spy 529p Step 3. Spend all the profits on reddit awards Step 4. ???
We can't. Step 1 would be to get a government that can 100% be trusted and is free of corruption. That is the absolute base for this to work. Step 2 would be to find these 100% trustworthy people and somehow also get them to be absolute experts in their respective domain, so that they not only have good intentions but also make the absolute best decision to lead society. This situation hasn't existed in all of humanities existence and won't ever be, so it is a society's responsibility to build a governmental system that is as resistant as possible against corruption and misuse. But looked at humanities whole history we have it pretty good right now in most western societies compared to most of human history
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