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Change back from Prince 🫅 to frog 🐸
Bipolar frog ass market
TSLA you bipolar frog. Why you pumpin when I have puts. Fuck this
It's really frog legs?
« Short SPY » - Warren Buffet & Pepe the frog
Netanyahu reading the WSB comments saying he won’t retaliate and getting very very angry “DO THEY THINK WE’RE A FROG IN BOILING WATER?” “LAUNCH THE NUKES AT THE CALLS”
Israel's representative to the U.N., Gilad Erdan, said at today's meeting that Iran's attack "crossed every red line." He emphasized that Israel "reserves the legal right to retaliate." "We are not a frog in boiling water," he said. "We are a nation of lions. Following such a massive and direct attack on Israel, the entire world, let alone Israel, cannot settle for inaction. We will defend our future." WHEN ASKED TO CLARIFY ISRAEL SAID : “PUTS”
I love baguettes and frog legs, I however prefer pretzels.
Green frog
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