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Mastercard Inc
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Friday January 29, 2021
64 days from now

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when Xi lets Ma out of his cage
about 7 hours ago
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what if I ma just a passenger with no driver's license?
about 9 hours ago
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Thankful your mom is stable. Bless you and your family this year man. Hope things turn out well for ma and you all can get back to living and enjoying life.
about 11 hours ago
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not shorting for the long run just shorting from a technical standpoint to play a correction to revert back to the 20-50 day MA
about 12 hours ago
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i had a few thousand clear in my new TastyWorks account on Monday and by today I was already up over 50% in my margin account very briefly before accidentally day trading 4 times today when I meant to buy more MA calls and not sell what i had....
about 16 hours ago
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Fsr you ma boo
about 18 hours ago
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Haha paypal / pltr mafia offsetting Ma the cuck
about 18 hours ago
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Ma’ lord
about 18 hours ago
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You mean look at 50 and 200 MA, MACD, RSI, etc?
about 18 hours ago
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EOD prediction for PLTR, 29.50 The 10 minute MA just broke through the 20 minute bollinger band. Last 3 times this happened today, we gapped up 1$
about 19 hours ago
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