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you might get lucky with a monday morning snap but it's too early to be buying calls imo
Snap 430!!!
Not only a strong rope you need to refer to the official table of drops to get the proper distance and length of rope so you get a good snap at the end
I was also recently bullish on snap until I downloaded the app and tried it. It's brutal, only way I could describe it is low IQ. I can see why everyone defaults to ig when they become an adult. 10 years ago every kid was using snap just like they do today. The problem is adults stop using it for entertainment and that's where the money is. It's the same reason why whatsapp is having difficulty monetizing... the communication apps are no good for advertising. You have to be interested in watching something. That's why IG, tiktok and YouTube make money.
We care about revenue now?????? Jfc quick someone tell X, and Uber, and Lyft, and Snap, and Zillow!!!
Not sure where this Snapchat interest is coming from lately, but please, ask yourself this... has SNAP ever been a good buy?
>I think SNAP is a buy short-term. I believe the app's relevance will continue to grow, especially as they figure out new ways to increase revenue. The stock has already shown some traction and I believe it will continue to rise in the near future.
Lol imagine thinking all the kids are on SNAP just bc they think FB is for boomers
I’m 20 and try to avoid Snapchat but it is how most people communicate especially when you meet someone new. The hype around snap is gone tho cause it came out when I was like 13ish I believe so OP is a few years late
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