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I bought jpm calls, good luck brother
You are betting $110K on earnings. Sell this man. Please don't bet on earnings. Have you not seen how the markets have been behaving? Good earnings stock drops, TSLA moons. Or atleast diversify this $110K on earnings. There is nothing special about amazon. In the broader market, whatever will happen to amazon, will also happen to meta, aapl, goog, nvda, msft, cost, lly, jpm, tsm. Just diversify this. And please, don't play earnings.
gotta check these meta jpm boxes so i can move on to brk
Hahaha nah I’m not in IT. I used to be an IT nerd a long time ago but taught myself how to code and build software years ago, and now I’m on a quant trading desk as a software engineer. Pay is good. Not gonna lie. I just dump half of paycheck every two weeks into QQQ and other ETFs. Very boring but also very easy. I own some blue chips too like AAPL MSFT AMZN JPM and also hold HOOD and CAVA. If I buy a stock I have to hold for 6 months so I can’t be trading in an out. I kinda don’t mind. I used to be so glued to charts and swing trading and it took up a lot of my time. I enjoy just buying good companies now and holding. It’s annoying on days like today tho where I would’ve jumped on CRWD at the open easily. But oh well.
Boeing is literally too big to fail. They’re so entangled with the DoD and commercial airlines they would have to go bankrupt, which will never happen because of the first reason. Also, half of all airport personnel, from technicians to pilots are trained in Boeings, have fun retraining. It’s the equivalent of expecting JPM to fail.
Lmaooo Ima 20 year old college student and you guys suck @ trading (OP included). JPM and the banker stocks have been killing it this yr, but yall 😵‍💫😴💤🐑
Ehhh tech will pretty much begin when MSFT reports end of this month right... Right now the TV personalities are baiting to buy into JPM and Megabanks because Mango will ask Dimon to be Treasury/Fed. Which to me does not make sense, Dimon will be hawkish and just as internationalist as any plausible mainstream Fed candidate from either hawk/dove camp.
So, check it out—you’ve got some interesting stuff to say, guys. but let’s cut to the chase: are we going for puts or calls on JPM?
It will again when the bank runs start and great depression 2.0 takes hold and your JPM Coins you get for your bank deposits (because ATMs and bank windows will close) aren't worth jack
JPM goes up 🤷‍♂️
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