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Jpm is trying to sell you a dream homie
the 3/1 jpm 185p went 100% Gang shit baby
50% gain on JPM 3/1 185p babyyyyy
LAST CHANCE FOR 100% gain 3/1 JPM 185P
3/1 JPM 185p
hmmm... i think i will sit this one out boss. i'm not comfortable buying with prices this high, but not comfortable going against it either at the moment. Really looking at JPM puts though.
3/1 Tesla 200p 3/1 Jpm 185p Gang
JPM asking for some puts. Overbought on daily and weekly rsi and hit ath today. Should not be this higher after last earnings miss
I love days when my boomer stonks cancel out my Tech stonks. BA , JPM, RTX saving me
Hard for Spy to go down hard when JPM just keeps going up.
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