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That CHWY guy is suddenly sweating over his $80k calls
ban bets gonna mute me for 7 days positions CHWY put spread AMD put spread CELH put spread DFS puts DFS put spread DJT put spread LVS strangle NFLX put spread TGT call spread gonna manage my wins and hold losses
Chwy and rum
I want to go puts for their upcoming earnings but I’m sure they’ll moon. Didn’t they have a huge position in CHWY that helped boost them last earnings? That thing mooned thanks to DFV so that should only further bolster their “earnings.”
Devastating news.. the only way this week can get better is if my chwy 7/19 $30 calls print
It’s your week CHWY …. Do it or ![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)
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