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I know what you mean. I was going to drop a lot of money on AMC to follow the trend. I tried it with options a few years back and lost money. I’d learned from my mistakes too.
Oh wow, do I wish I would have known this two weeks ago. I lost 42K on AMC because I got caught up in the regardedness of it all. It hurt bad. Never again.
I still remember “the day” in June of ‘01. Counting all my options and shares of AMC I was at $870,000.00 The delusion that enabled me to hold to that point allowed me to also ride it to basically zero. Some financial scars are never forgotten.
AMC late 2021 ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)
Are you still holding AMC?
Down 150k in AMC give or take.
Held AMC for too long. Currently in similar boat with ROKU.
Not a loss story but a sad one… I had bought some $2 long calls on AMC during covid when it was around $1. It had been down for so long, but then one Friday afternoon it popped back up, was up a mere $50 and I sold just to get rid of it cause I figured it wasn’t going anywhere. The following Monday you crazy apes made your attack on wallstreet and the calls that I had sold on Friday went from $500 in total to almost $30k in total. And I’ve been following you guys ever since 🫡. Always HODL boys.
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