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Gen Z here also hoping to buy a few houses and mansion when AMC squeeze and have my mother lived in her dream house and then think what to do with my life being 21 and hopefully rich
35 minutes ago
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It’s been a crazy pandemic. After watching the GME squeeze I followed the AMC squeeze and made enough (6k->60k) to build a house in North Texas. Final build was 320k. Well last month I got relocated so we had to sell the house we just finished building and it ended up going for 680k. Market is on crack right now.
41 minutes ago
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joe binden is the amc of presidents
about 1 hour ago
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You buy the dip , never sell the dip , with AMC it will go up , alot , so load up , probably this week , we all have money just waiting at our brokers for this , a thousand shares for $8,000 maybe or less
about 2 hours ago
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Yeah he's such an idiot with his 100 million dollars and his ongoing TV spot on one of the biggest networks, god he's so dumb, no one is even talking about him or completely obsessed with him on here at all because he's doing such a bad job at being an entertainer so yeah total idiot. We are so much smarter than Jim for HOLDING #GME #AMC TO THE MOON and NEVER SELLING right? RIGHT??
about 3 hours ago
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Tech growth started collapsing around the time GME and AMC were all the rage, so 15 months ago...it's reasonable to assume they have bottomed after that long of a decline, and now everyone else is having their turn at getting corn holed. Growth is the canary in the coal mine, always the first to get curb stomped but also usually the first to come out of the gate on a recovery while everything else lags, a sort of bullwhip effect.
about 4 hours ago
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You still holding AMC?
about 5 hours ago
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I think any investor with a significant portion of there portfolio should have reduced exposure right after the santa rally then reduced more when powell raised the rates then reduced more when china lockdowns and russian invasion happened. For instance when santa rally happened i was 20% cash when russia invasion happened i got aall the way up to 65% cash. Now im at 70% cash. I still have 30% in the market. But my portfolio mutated to what is trending during these economic times along with inverse etfs, i also got into weat because ukraine is a huge producer. So i barely have a red day and when the market is green my shit barely is green. But ive managed to beat the s&p by staying relatively flat while s&p is down 18%. You dont have to go all in or all out. You reduce your position then you buy them back when they get way cheaper. Right now id hate to tell you to sell all but i reccomend uping your cash position by selling some.if you're young and you didn't yolo your life savings you can wait this out. In the meantime try to save as much cash as you can so you can by the real dip. If you have stupid positions like tatto chef, mattaport, gme or amc, just get rid of that shit and cut your losses and just realize you screwed up. If you are holding rio, jnj, msft, citi, apple, cisco or what ever good largecap just trim a little. Would have been better if you trimmed before powell raised rates and started tapering (i dont know why so many didn't) the righting was clearly on the wall.
about 6 hours ago
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Just set a sell limit and renew it if it expires. You’ll be more likely to forget about AMC in the meantime
about 7 hours ago
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Melvin needs to cover and it is about to happen ,will Citadel let AMC go down so they can or will they fake a price run up for options ?
about 7 hours ago
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