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TTWO trying to get a pump in right before the crash you fucking AMC bagholders
I don't see what's wrong with these headlines. Wages have largely kept up with inflation, except for *very* recently, and inflation *is* calming down despite strong growth. Basically, those who failed to panic were correct (so far). The "Inflation is Your Fault" headline is clickbait, but the article totally makes sense (stimulus + high growth plus recovering supply chain = inflation). It was no surprise to discover that OP is Trumptard conspiracy theorist, AMC baggie, (and probably a boomer gold bug).
happy of AMC i new that beyonce fan base would get it up
So was AMC but that shit cloud suddenly came back too.
Me too, same with $AMC. It’s hard to read through the endless coping in the posts and comments. I mean sure, eventually the price will rise to its ACTUAL value, but a skyrocket to Mars and beyond? I don’t know man. If you can afford to hold long term, it’s a decent play, but I wouldn’t expect triple digits per share at this point.
martin shrekli says AMC is undervalued thoughts?
Are you down $171k on AMC?
**Ban Bet Created:** **/u/CaptCookbook** bet **AMC** goes from **6.97** to **6.76** before **07-Dec-2023 09:48 AM EST** Their record is 15 wins and 3 losses.
!banbet amc -3% 3d
The Walking Dead isn’t even on AMC+ channel I paid for through Amazon prime video Literal scam But the tweets are nicer so shrinkflation inflation cuckflation whatever who cares
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