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Spy going for 510 and $aapl will still be red
even AAPL has to say "AI" to stay afloat
Wow AAPL really taking off right now. Now I can quit my job
aapl will not stay under 180.
Wow. SPY is phat with AAPL trim that shit.
these AAPL calls have been bipolar as fuck lately, just release the AI features Tim AAPL DO IT
AAPL bear flag has the ability to smoke this market but it’ll probably pull some shenanigans in 30min
Time to get some AI NIKE shoes and AI coffee at Starbucks and AI on my AI iPhone with AAPL and also AI in my Walmart groceries
Aapl has no more news for the uppies! It's over
I’m hearing Tim Cook is using AI to recreate Steve Jobs and run $aapl
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