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Recent Comments

aapl puts for earnings or nah?
40 minutes ago
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Give me aapl 150 daddy
41 minutes ago
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So I’m up 100% on my aapl 10/15 140c. What would you do? Do I sell now and secure profits or hold after earnings hoping for a gap up? If it dumps I’ll still have some time to make a recovery
about 1 hour ago
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Sold some AAPL shares boys! Feeling toppy to me anyone else? RSI around 70
about 1 hour ago
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I may have sold u/aguilepino some of those AAPl calls.
about 5 hours ago
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Wait for the post earnings dump When everyone here is bitching about AAPL, that’s the time to go long bigly
about 7 hours ago
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Planning on buying up AAPL since it should moon more for ER
about 8 hours ago
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Thank you. AAPL feeling toppy to me and want to take some gains
about 9 hours ago
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u/JakTravis_u_SOB Bought a $432 call on SPY. Many companies in S&P 500 are reporting earnings this week. TSLA reports after market hours today AAPL reports on 7/27. Good chance to jump on SPY calls this week. Let’s go SPY
about 9 hours ago
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AAPL literally always drills after earnings
about 9 hours ago
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