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My AAPL calls want to know how were sales this weekend
QQQ, NVDA, AMD, AAPL, TSLA puts. tech stocks go down, my portfolio go up
There's bagholders who bought the dip at $400-$700 still diamond handing hoping the company hits its ATH again. Then there's the few who bought around 5 years ago and is break even when they could've bought MSFT or AAPL during the same time and made 200-300% in the same timeframe.
That's okay I put my life savings (which wasn't a lot but well into 4 digits) AAPL at $12 (ish) in about 1996 (ish) and then took my broker's advice and traded it at about $20 for a company that went broke. The last time I listened to a broker (also pretty much the last time I ever invested in anything other than a few hundred $ here and there.).
I bought TSLA, MSFT, AAPL, NVDA, and CAT 6 years ago and basically forgot about it. AMA
this isn’t the place to vent go short, make a post, or leave wsb unity has a contract with aapl in the headset ar space. if the headset doesn’t flop unity will be just fine
Friday to Monday AAPL calls. Tuesday TSLA calls on the bounce. Wed SPY/AAPL puts and SQQQ calls. Thursday sold the puts (lost $200 playing a SPY call on a fake bounce). Yesterday SPY calls and AAPL puts.
AAPL 175Cs for 4/24. Bought them when shares sank after CCP ban and new iphones were released
Almost exact same recent trajectory and $ figures here, except I went from being up about 20% to down about 70%. I don't know why this makes me feel better, but it's definitely something closer to self loathing than gambling for those of us who play with fire like this. It's like you're not allowed to "enjoy" what you have unless you risk it one more time to feel like you've "earned it." Except you never time the healing or the market right, so it is a vicious cycle to the bottom. I played NVDA almost exactly like you played AAPL. I bought calls a bit before earnings, climbed up, sold some, bought lots more after the initial post-earnings dip... and then it kept dipping. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260) We may be in immense pain, but we are not alone. Sort of.
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