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I like this strategy but to your point only when the juice is right. Volatility (and accordingly the premiums) doesn’t seem high enough on aapl to justify it. I do this a lot on my NVDA position where the premiums are generally much more spicy
Sure. About 4 months ago, with the AI hype train driving everything (I have owned NVDA for a while and continue to, coupling in options strategies around that as well), I looked at Apple’s lack of doing anything in AI, looked at its terrible Siri offering, looked at its dominance in hardware, and figured they would have to announce something very convincing on their AI plans at the next WWDC otherwise they’d get completely left in the dust. It wasn’t an earth shattering view, but the July $225 options were trading around 0.34, and Apple at the time was trading around 180. So a 25-30% uplift did not seem unreasonable to me given shitcos like SMCI trade that range in a minute on nothing news. So I took an amount that’s far from a ballsy number as a percentage of my portfolio and bought the call options. Not sure how much you know/don’t know about options, but for 0.34 cents (times 100 because each option contract is for 100 shares) you have the right to buy 100 shares of Apple for $225 on or before July expiration in this case. This means that if it goes to $230 for example, you could effectively exercise the option and buy AAPL at 225, and immediately sell at market value of $230. So that’s a profit of $5 in that case. Because of that, the option value will rise to reflect that profit potential, so the option would go from 0.34 to $5.00. (Makes sense because how much would I pay for the ability to buy Apple at 225 and sell at 230? In an efficient market, I’d pay $5.00). In reality, the WWDC stuff seemed to be a hit, Apple rose to $215 (not over $225 meaning that if the option were to expire today it would be worthless since you would never buy at $225 in this case), but since there is still a month left on the contract, the option traded up significantly to 4.50 because there is still time value in the option (the chances of Apple trading to over $225 in the next month got significantly higher). Ultimately I sold because the risk of time decay was too high (ie Apple could very well trade below 225 from here). Any way not sure that makes sense. But either way, just keep in mind your investment could go to zero in something like this so it’s important to size accordingly
AAPL $4T when?
AAPL 300 let’s go
I get shorting AMD. Rallied once and been on the down ever since pretty much. But shorting NVDA and AAPL, what were you thinking?
Why.... Why are you shorting NVDA and AAPL? It's a good idea to take a break
I have 20,000 AAPL shares sitting around just collecting growth returns. I am thinking of putting them to work selling out of the money calls, but I'm not sure the juice is worth the squeeze.
AVGO didn't dump, NVDA didn't dump, ELF didn't dump, QCOM did't dump, MSFT didn't dump, AAPL didn't dump.... Buying calls at open should print.
AAPL moving in the aftermarket just to get dumped tommorow morning like it did today ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Need aapl to die
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