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lol the worst thing is that I was gonna get out before the dump but I feel asleep and decided to hold till it went back up....which never happened haha living in AUS sucks
1 day ago
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Other countries use the $ symbol. Might be Aus or Canada? Edit: OP replied elsewhere. Dollarydoos for sure.
2 days ago
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Huh the Asian pm dip wasn't as bad as I thought. Jap/aus was way worse.
3 days ago
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Market is correcting because we gapped down nearly 2% on futures because of Evergrande. Going to be real funny when China reopens tonight and China and HK is big green. EU and AUS are affected by Asian indices a lot more abs almost everyone of their indices were +1-2% green today. This was a trap.
3 days ago
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Couldnt have closed any better for the bears. The red will scare off the Chinese; hence, will amplify the sell off tonight. HKG, AUS, and Japan will follow.
3 days ago
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Only way out from China for money is laundering it thru Buttcoin and that is slowly getting choked off and will get outlawed soon. For career CCP criminals there's always loopholes with obvious ones being just flying out with suitcases full of currency to EU/US/CAN/AUS to buy up every house, property in sight as can be seen in the prices zooming up unnaturally and being allowed to do so by our own corrupt criminal politicians along with real estate speculators Blackrock gaming the system on both sides. The Chinese middle class/poor are SOL no way for them to jump over the 'great financial wall' to move their money anywhere. So as usual good for the criminal elites, max pain like it happens here for the rest. China is now a all you can eat buffet for the Vultures Black/rock/stone, Goldbum Sux etc. If Xi really wants to fix the shit show, he should first throw out the vultures who will put a band aid on the problem, repackage it and sell it back to the Chinese people who will bear the loss.
6 days ago
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Yes and sdc is cheap, cheap and cheerful. Worst company I've ever dealt with. Would not recommend less for their actual product/ service. Not sure on the financials, that's my experience with them from aus.
7 days ago
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