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A collection of crap tech and other stocks. Roku, auph, path, sofi, ilmn, and a shit weed stock. Lost $60k
SOFI CEO just bought the company shares again today. Pump in coming?
What is SoFi
I don't know where you're getting your numbers: SoFi reported a record adjusted net revenue for the full year of $2.07 billion, surpassing their guidance, up 35% from 2022. Adjusted EBITDA for 2023 was $432 million, also beating their expectations and up 201% from 2022. And $7 Billion loss from cash flow ops? Link? Also on first quarter ER, they are up on net rev (36%), net income, financial services (42% growth), member growth (44%), products (38%), net income and margins (71%) Now I see a loss of $320 million from 2022, but do you remember what happened in 2022?
Who am I giving advice to? I'm stating my personal opinion. And this is a portion of my account in SOFI. Not the entirety. How's your portfolio?
We happy or sad? Still shows price as friday close in Sofi
Sofi has one the largest retail holding. This means that you tubers has a large audience to farm attention from and provide copium to. This in turn makes it seem like the stock in on the verge of exploding causing more retail ownership. And the cycle continues.
Back in with you with 1000 $SOFI shares at $7.10 🙌
I want to do this but I’m waiting for a market correction since we been on a run all year and indexes are already up 12% . Sofi is my biggest holding though at 30%
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