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My positions: * I'm in NVDA because "ChatGPT runs on NVIDIA" is the new "Windows runs on Intel." * I'm in AMCR: It's a divided aristocrat that is also a very stable stock in an easy-to-understand business * I'm in AMZN because my SO likes it. I don't but gotta keep the SO happy. They dominate cloud computing. * I have a bearish credit Feb option spread position on AFRM. BNPL is a bad product, and people who use it only do so because they want something and don't have an alternative way of getting proper credit to buy it. AFRM consistently misses earning expectations. They consistently lose money. They are not the biggest player in the industry. I feel if this company were to disappear it would not hurt BNPL. My position is OTM, AFRM is getting bought up like it's M&M's. Maybe it'll go to $100. * I have a bullish debit Feb option spread position on ULTA. ULTA is a very well run company compared to its competitors, that consistently makes money, it's stock is on an uptrend, is in an industry I feel is recession resistant, and it's not tech. But it'll have to hit a new 52 week high to be ITM for me. We'll see. Hope this helps.
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