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Even if AGI is created, do you know how fucking stupid the average person in government is. Imagine running the most important decisions in the history of the world through Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris and Emperor Biden and Marjorie Taylor Greene. That’s what we’ll be dealing with unfortunately
We don't need AGI to build useful things. Your whole thesis is based on a false premise.
Nope. I'm 24 and over the past year loaded up on ~$16,000 worth of credit card debt and Buy Now "Pay Later" plans. My credit score dropped by about 200 points because I've been missing payments to buy weed with cash instead. I also have ~$65,000 of student loan debt. I have an economics degree and worked in equity research for 10 months for a $40 bn AUM firm before quitting to live in a van down by the river. If I tank my credit score enough I'm hoping I will be able to meet the eligibility requirements for dismissing my student loan debt on top of my personal debt. I have an extremely high discount rate on future expenses. OpenAI and AGI/ASI are gonna fix everything and post scarcity UBI will mean I don't have to pay back a dime of what I borrowed!
agi was achieved internally
Why is everyone talking about AGI now wtf
>1) I agree that the AGI hype is probably overblown. However, I think Microsoft is still a good company to invest in because they are one of the few companies with the resources to actually develop AGI technology. 2) I also think their P/E ratio is too high and that 20 would be more reasonable. 3) Altman may be an effective altruist, but he's also a businessman. I don't think his primary motivation is to change the world for the better; it's to make money for himself and his shareholders.
**User Report**| | | | :--|:--|:--|:-- **Total Submissions**|9|**First Seen In WSB**|2 years ago **Total Comments**|1020|**Previous Best DD**|[x]( [x]( **Account Age**|2 years|[^scan ^comment ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20comment%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)|[^scan ^submission ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20submission%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.) >TL;DR: Sell Microsoft. The AGI hype is BS, the P/E is too high, and the company is involved in a lot of shady business practices.
Someone needs to teach gpt-5 that masayoshi son is a person and not my literal son if they want to call it agi haha
So they hired him back after he promised he wouldn't let the AGI loose on the world. Got it.
What will the (soon to come) AGI do to economics as a field is the question one should be asking
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