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operava máquina cnc em uma multinacional aqui da região, fiquei boladão quando fui demitido kkkkkkk
about 16 hours ago

misol gonna buy a cnc
1 day ago

cnc zero hour
7 days ago

you have any input about NA Mining companies/Junior exploration specifically geared towards the EV & Battery space? I've got some positions in TLO, CNC, VLI purely on the basis of during a gold rush invest in selling shovels theory. I know some of these are pennies especially VLI an junior exploration company.
9 days ago

this isn't CnC
10 days ago

AoE, CNC, AoM, Caesar hoo boy
10 days ago

au fait pour NFTresor ? j'avais pris le CNC ça m'a donné accès a un tchat privé ou autre sur Discord ou la formation ?
12 days ago

how come newegg isnt a play based on your cnc strat
17 days ago

ja toho mam dost z tech cisel z prace z cnc kdyz zadavam ruzne rozmery atd ze tohle bych asi nezvladnul uz
17 days ago

I know a guy with a CNC
20 days ago

TSLA 5min cnc?
21 days ago

ben x y z cnc makinesinde öğrendim abi
22 days ago

yo trabajo con una CNC
22 days ago

TSLA cnc
22 days ago

The Legend of Zelda: Orcarina Of Time, AOEII, CNC, and RollerCoaster Tycoon was the first game I ever bought LUL
25 days ago

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