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rode it until the shib twitter asked elon if he held any Kappa
28 minutes ago

post your shib entries
30 minutes ago

SHIB ATH pay attention
30 minutes ago

shib leg when
31 minutes ago

do you think shib is going to hit $0.000050 tonight?
about 1 hour ago

will shib get to $0.00005‽
about 1 hour ago

oh yea its where i bought all my Shib in march
about 1 hour ago

did you guys talk bout shib
about 2 hours ago

No por ser pesado sobre Shib y ya se que piensas que es Humo,pero podria ser buen momento para comprar? Unicamente eso,gracias!!!
about 3 hours ago

SHIB didnt go down, seems like a safe heaven asset
about 3 hours ago

shib army
about 3 hours ago

babydoge ta subindo 40% fi, new shib kkj partiu 10000x
about 3 hours ago

well back from work, i guess shib listened to me this morning xD
about 4 hours ago

yes le shib a monter
about 4 hours ago

about 4 hours ago

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