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This whole "priced in" excuse is getting really stupid. When will you people wake up and realize you are being fucked over by the institutions time and time again? TSM earnings surpassed expectations? Retailers quickly buy calls and the instituions just massively sell off the stock instead and fuck all the TSM boys in their butthole. Tesla going down from bad sales and robotaxi delay? Nah, stock goes right back up and only ones who profit are those who sold beforehand 1 minute before the news. Boeing getting criminal charges? Nah, they buy the stock instead and fuck dem retail put holders. Crowdstrike going down? Nah, they again quickly buy the stock at market open to fuck over all the retailers buying puts. Wake up people. These wall street assholes are just inversing y'all.
i would not be surprised to see TSM \*gain\* market share from these levels. INTC is just a shit company that hasn't executed for an entire generation. bagholders just get defensive on this stock for whatever reason.
Same shit happened earlier this year in April when all the semis dropped and slowly recovered. TSM went from the 145-150 to 125-135 ranges and then climbed to new ATH. I expect this to repeat with 165-170 crab walking around to the 180’s until August and then back up to 200+ when NVDA and AVGO report. I bought 300 shares at 136 and have been buying more this week
Buy more as they bleed. 🩸. I bought 35 more shares of TSM at discount imho
I had about 60% of my portfolio in Mag 7 and chip stocks and yesterday, I sold all my bonds and went full port. I now ONLY hold chip and mag 7 stocks with a weird play of $4k in Reddit. My entire life savings of $75k in the hands of technology, mostly TSM, Nvidia, Apple, Broadcom and Google. It's going to be a long weekend. Did I fuck up? I was up $12k for the year and now I'm only up $4k which is terrible for the helluva run we've had. I think now I just wait it out....
Tough dude. TSM earnings response doesn't make sense, prime day beating last year and CStrike internet outage means a lot of fucked up.
Your favorite president and his chips war on china is the reason your tsm nvda and amd calls are worthless let’s all remember this while voting for the big bad 🥭 in November. Scum bag dems
Poor man's covered call, I use YouTube everyday so it's def a company Peter Lynch would want me to invest in lol. I'm going to go all in on SMH, margin and all, and hold. TSM is undervalued right now, AVGO, and NVDA's not done with Blackwell's sold out + huge R&D news supposedly coming soon. Just waiting for a big dump on fear & greed index to signal buying in. Getting the semi ETF to hold long term is better option than Google imo. I like ETF's like SMH, XLK, QQQ and QLD mixed for 1.5 returns, In this case, rather hold shares instead of a LEAP. Google's premiums kinda tame as well. I have LEAPs on Robinhood, HIMS and Palantir. HIMS is a shit company will leave if next earning's are weak but their weight loss meds safer than what NVO and LLY were touting. These 3 are high beta companies with high premiums.
#Ban Bet Lost /u/Then_Tart6953 made a bet that TSM would go to 200.0 within **4 days** when it was 186.16 and it did not, so they were banned for a week. Their record is now 0 wins and 2 losses [**Join WSB Discord**](http://discord.gg/wsbverse)
Lmao. Yeah, probably. You think TSM gonna maintain 95% forever? Get a clue bud.
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