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So puts? Honestly, I just own a load of different large stocks, in my country and the USA. I hope that it approximately follows the market average over time. If the stocks fall out of top 20 largest stocks I sell them and buy whatever stock has entered, it’s hard to keep it proportional though, but I figured the portfolio will approximately act like an index fund, I own some index-close funds too just to compare how well I’m doing.
That way, you always come out on top
So what the top today on this mf
You need to study the markets more. If you buy the top and sell the bottom you loose 100% of the time
If you buy puts at the bottom when a stock has already sold off, its likely to have a little bounce. Never buy puts at the bottom. Same with calls at the top.
Check out $vfs good time to place puts ive lost all week long and came back on top w shorting it
It's hopeless thou, u get flag for day trading if ur port is lower that 25k. I don't know about u but dumping a huge chunk of ur fidelity to day trade while keeping it at 25k isn't really a good idea. (u have to top up if u lose)
Some of you are the New Bag Holder, who bought the top of the 💩 Corn
Looks like we are reaching the top of the hill. All downhill from here ! ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)![img](emote|t5_2th52|33495)
Sold my tsm call at the top a couple weeks back, I feel slightly guilty but Im getting wrecked on every other position now so
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