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I got puts on SOUN after earning come out
fuck $SOUN
ooo...yeah, my bad on BYD. complete ignorance on my part. Mercedes' tech is outstanding, much better than TSLA in a lot of areas, but my understanding is that isn't done in house, for example SOUN does the voice recognition. Is Mercedes developing AI? I'm no TSLA fanboi, but i grow tired of the "this stock is worth $5" crowd based on personal feelings around Elon. I personally don't think the 37 it's sitting at right now is high given the potential. I've historically always thought it's overvalued. IF they deliver on the promises, then I think it's undervalued, but clearly the price reflects nobody has confidence in them, which is valid. I could see it hitting $120 and somewhere in 18 months going to $300 if they deliver on the new car and get the factories sorted out. One thing is certain, it's going to be interesting
Sorry for all the Intel banbet spam and other garbage, the SOUN spammer is back and he is dumber than last time
Can't believe SOUN... Straight death since 10.25 and it was only there for like half a day
Any fellow regards going yolo on $SOUN calls?
SOUN First stock that I bought two weeks ago. I’m learning fast; Buy high sell low 🤪
Bought Soun calls because it has AI in name. Totally fucked up! Going down below $3
So I sold my SOUN calls when I bought at the top. I think I would’ve been fucked since it was SOUN 😭 but I have way more hope for this.
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