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I think you gotta look at all the fundamentals not just a single data point. Even then so much day to day direction is determined by sector and macro tides more than news on the company itself.
Bought far OTM ZS puts yesterday. The stock is up almost 2% today but the IV is so bad that my puts are up 120%. Sold half.
That $SNOW drop is so brutal to see when you zoom out.
They already stated that talks of a merger with Paramount are dead. There's more upside than downside with WBD only because the stock is so cheap right now, but how do they grow the business long term? They're losing in every direction and seeking partnerships cause they can't win anywhere on their own. Let's pray House of the Dragon Season 2 brings in 100million subs to Max, but doubt they stay long term beyond a single quarter pump.
Nvidia GPUS are what’s raising their stock price. Nobody makes GPUS of comparable quality which is why NVDA is so powerful. Intel does not have an effective monopoly like they do.
#Ban Bet Lost /u/Worth-Comedian4229 made a bet that PARA would go to 12.105500000000001 within **1 day** when it was 11.005 and it did not, so they were banned for a week. Their record is now 0 wins and 1 losses [**Join WSB Discord**](
So glad I'm a RH dumbass and my SPY 0DTE get autosold with shitty price execution at 3:30.
I don’t have any SOUN positions but I want it to fly so NVDA flies
So Gap up? Gap Down? or Gap sideways? Anyone who gets it correct I will send 5$ on Cashapp
I am the richest student I have ever known, so grateful for having my parents cover all my school expenses ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)
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