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Because I didn't execute my plan to buy 190 puts when markets opened monday then dump them at wwdc event start and rotate into calls. Next time I don't execute my plans I will post it here so you guys can print... f my life
Thank you. I'm trying. I'm trying. Maybe I'm also in a bad cycle/swing, because when I do buy calls, it's right when the market reverts slightly. Or even if I make money on calls, I revert back to bearishness too soon. Thank you for sharing your experience too. I'll uh... Try being a bull tomorrow maybe. (Except SNAP puts if I can afford any and happen to get lucky with timing, cuz, fuck that company. It's just so hard to go against my own convictions. My convictions suck ass though. Godamn.)
I want to do Tesla puts so bad, but I feel like I’m gonna get fucked if I do.
Sorry to see that. That’s tough but maybe try to rethink your strategy. Trading with the trend works better than many think and trying to find inflection points (tops/bottoms) is tough and even when you’re right, it sometimes takes months for those tops/bottoms to reverse trends so being right doesn’t even pay off many times. Wish the best for you
Exactly. I’m so confused as to how someone can say…right now.. to go into AMD. 😂
So Grinder Stock is going to be nice and a Hard rise Up or a Limper?
I'm not trying to push buttons, but do you keep a journal of your trades and conditions of the market when you make a trade? The indices are making new highs , so why fight that?
So glad i grabbed some contacts today! 👆🙄
Yea it’s the start of a massive decades long bull run thanks sixth survivor you saved me. no one is profitable on puts over a leaps time frame it’s just a way to build a position for a massive correction and sell when it happens. I want to insult your intelligence so bad right now but I think you get the point.
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