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Flew Virgin in both cabins back then. Economy got nicer seats, wider seat pitches, and IFE screens (not those DirecTV screens on United narrowbodies back then). Business got those very comfy leather seats with greater reclines (like 140 degrees) and pitches (50' +), which reminds you of those business class recliners airlines had during 1990s and 2000s on long-haul international routes. Probably superior to everything except for the flat-beds AA/UA/DL offered on SFO/LAX-NYC routes and occasionally other hub-2-hub routes.
“Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. If you'll look out the right side of the aircraft you will notice flight 192 challenging us to a race. I have turned on the fasten seat belt sign bc shit is about to get real”
had a 4 hr. redeye last month and the dude behind me kept pushing into my seat and ripping ass every 2 minutes. The hot chick next to me probably thought it was me. Rotten eggs all the way home
Theres pubes and diarrhea splatter all over this chipotle toilet seat Puts
I think it’s bad. It only adds evidence to the consolidation in the industry. And if either deal is more likely to go through it’s the Alaskan-HA deal. Regulators seem really hung up on keeping spirit around as a budget option so cheap fliers can keep paying $139 to pick a seat and hold a backpack in their lap
This movie the big short is so damn good. I’m stuck to my seat for an hour! Or maybe I’m a nerd lol
Wait wait wait what is happening with the elastic?? I was on the edge of my seat and then the post was done :(
Bought a car a couple months ago and found morphine pills under the seat dated 5 years ago do I take them?
“If I was you, I’d piss off and take a seat at the kids table, because you are getting fucked *up* here with the adults!” Jesse Gemstone
"it's easier to get your step sister in the back seat"
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