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Yeah, exactly what u/HuckleberryAwkward30 said. It’s really not that heavy, if you’re going on a combat deployment and have body armor it’s probably only 30ish pounds on your body. But coupled with poor posture driven by poor ergonomics of the seat, and the fact that you might be sitting in the seat for +8 hours, that 30lbs takes a pretty big toll.
I was just about to smash this bad bitch and now that I'm at her house this guy named "Chris Hansen" is telling me to take a seat. Think I'll just leave![img](emote|t5_2th52|4640)
What cares if it’s driverless if you can only use it in specific parts of 3 cities? Vs Being able to use it anywhere but you have to be sitting in the drivers seat. One is clearly more useful, has more users, driven more autonomous miles.
You're thinking of Autopilot which is free in all Teslas. The paid version (FSD) is capable of driving the whole way to any destination you set (although a human still has to sit in the driver seat and watch the road). I'm pretty sure Buick's most advanced system can't stop for a stop sign or make a turn. Waymo does have driverless cars, but they only work in a small fraction of the areas that Teslas do. It's cool but not practical yet.
Doesn’t Waymo have self driving taxis with no one in the front seat driving around Phoenix at the moment?
Waymo only runs in a geo fenced area in 3 cities. FSD works anywhere in the US BIG difference, whether you’re sitting in the driver seat or not doesn’t matter. You can use FSD in more places and that’s the real metric that matters
Driverless means no driver sitting in the seat genius
>So you read that regulators have given Mercedes level 3 autonomous driving I didn't just read it. It actually happened. And Tesla didn't get approved. I am going to trust their detailed analysis of hard data rather than your biased opinion. You said not to trust reddit, and you are the perfect example of why this is good advice. We are comparing apples to oranges, though. Mercedes is taking a different approach. They decided to reach level 3 on "easy mode" locations and build from there. Tesla decided to try to make FSD work *everywhere* or die trying. This was a mistake. Mercedes iterative approach will gradually conquer larger and larger areas/situations, while Tesla's approach relies on solving *every* problem before they can launch and using customers as beta testers. Yes, Tesla will allow you to use supervised FSD in more places (for now), but their approach will *never* allow you to leave the driver's seat.
I would argue that Tesla disengagements and Waymo disengagements are very different and not a comparable metric. I often go in and out of self driving on a whim just because I feel like taking control for a number of reasons. Maybe I see someone driving stupidly like they’re drunk, or I see a school bus dropping off kids, or just plain feel like driving on my own for a couple of minutes. All those count as disengagements even though FSD didn’t do anything wrong, I just exercised my ability to choose. In Waymo, disengagements happen by the vehicle. The rider doesn’t sit in the drivers seat and has no ability to force a disengagement and drive on their own if they feel like it.
Kinda with you on a good argument... till the end. Lidar is expensive. Just like air bags used to be. Just like rear cameras used to be. Just like seat belts used to be. All until they weren't, and became mandatory safety features. Same arguement could be made for those.... if you never get in an accident they aren't needed. But all those bad actors you mentioned still have licenses, and accidents will continue.
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